Biden’s Department of Political Extortion?

From National Right to Work Committee President Mark Mix’s Newsmax Op-Ed about Biden’s appointment to head the US Department of Labor: union boss and Big Labor politician Marty Walsh.

Department of Labor, or Department of Political Extortion?

In August 2019, two Walsh aides were convicted of extorting a private company to hire forced union dues-paying workers the company didn’t want or need by purposefully holding up the issuance of permits required to conduct a music festival.

But in February 2020 a federal judge overturned the guilty verdicts. His apparent legal theory is that extortion ceases to be extortion when it’s done for political gain.

In his pre-mayoral career as a construction union boss, Walsh himself allegedly used his political connections to pressure contractors to hire union-only labor.

As Fox News’ Thomas Barrabi recalled in January, in an October 2012 conversation “recorded through federal wiretaps,” Walsh informed a fellow union boss “that he had told housing developer AvalonBay Communities that it would face permitting delays if it did not hire union workers [only] . . . .”

 Moreover, in December 2012, according to another developer, Walsh “pressured him to rescind building contracts” awarded to union-free contractors. Walsh was never charged.

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