Big Labor and Barack Obama Expected to Spend a Combined $2 Billion in 2012 Election Cycle

According to Reuters,  President Obama “is expected to raise $1 billion, which is unprecedented in U.S. politics” for his re-election campaign.  Based on the National Institute of Labor Relations Research (, Big Labor has average spending $1.1 Billion per election cycle.  That will allow Obama and his Big Labor allies the ability to coordinate campaign expenditures of over $2 Billion in effort to mask the the Obama record of forced-unionism expansion and Big Labor payoffs.

As often said before, it costs more to sell a lie than the truth.  And, the NILRR research exposes the billions of dollars from forced-union-dues funded labor unions are spending to keep their forced-unionism power and selling it as “worker rights.”  Taking away an individual’s freedom choose to belong or not to belong to a union, and then, giving the power to union bosses to force people to pay tribute to union as a condition of employment does not equal “worker rights” — it is tyranny.  That is why unions must pour in billions to elect politicians to pass legislation that takes away individual rights. And, they have just that according to the recent NILRR analysis of labor union financial:

During the 2010 election cycle, which covers the years 2009 & 2010, Big Labor spent more from its combined union treasuries than the record-breaking Billion-Dollar Barack Obama presidential campaign then from any other source. In 2009, Big Labor reported to the U. S. Department of Labor that it spent $563.2 million on Political Activity, including lobbying. In 2010, Big Labor bosses reported spending another $572.4 million politics from forced-dues-funded union treasuries. Big Labor poured over $1,135.6 million into political activity during the 2010 election cycle.

Big Labor had funneled another remarkable $1,056.8 million from union treasuries during the prior election cycle; $455.9 million and $600.9 million for 2007 and 2008 respectively.

(Link to NILRR Big Labor Political Outlays Report, Link to raw LM-2 data, Link to AFSCME National Headquarters LM-2 reported political outlays)