Business Investments Abound in Right to Work Virginia

Lots of businesses choose Virginia every day as a result of it’s Right to Work laws, which incentivize economic growth. Whether they’re businesses that started up here in the state, or are native elsewhere and looking for the best option, they choose Virginia. Some companies that are choosing to locate here soon include PS-Fertility and Apex Mills. Meanwhile, Hollingsworth & Vose and Wholesome foods are both expanding within Right to Work Virginia.

Read on so you can find out how these companies will positively impact the economy!


PS-Fertility is investing $1.4 million in order to establish in Right to Work Albemarle County, Virginia. This will also create 31 new jobs!

“Virginia is the birthplace of innovations, and PS-Fertility’s groundbreaking discovery demonstrates the importance of our entrepreneurial ecosystems that lead to new technologies and products, ultimately resulting in new jobs. […] We are excited to see the company grow its enterprise in Albemarle County and thank PS-Fertility for creating 31 new jobs in the region in which it was founded.”


Apex Mills:

Apex Mills is investing $3.1 million in order to add a new location in the old HanesBrands facility in Right to Work Patrick County, Virginia and create 44 new jobs.

“The Apex Mills family of companies has been manufacturing Made in the USA textiles for 80 years, and as part of our dedication to support and grow the domestic textile industry we are continually seeking facilities and communities committed to this same goal.” […]

“We look forward to Apex Mills building on the HanesBrands company legacy, supported by Patrick County’s skilled workforce that has a long and successful history in the textile industry. […] As U.S. manufacturing continues its resurgence, leading companies select Virginia for its strategic location, business-friendly environment, and robust talent, and we are thrilled to add Apex Mills to our roster.” […]

“Patrick County is proud to be the place that Apex Mills has chosen to expand its business operations. […] Our community has a long history of being home to many industries, especially textile companies, and the hardworking individuals that live and work for them in our resilient county. This announcement proves that a successful company sees Patrick County as a place it can expand into, while also incorporating revolutionary technologies run by our citizens. We’re grateful for the retained jobs, and also for the creation of 44 new, high-paying ones in the coming years.”


Hollingsworth & Vose:

Hollingsworth & Vose is investing $40.2 million in order to expand in Right to Work Floyd County, Virginia. This will also create 25 new jobs!

“Hollingsworth & Vose has played a role in the success of Virginia’s advanced materials industry over the past 46 years, and we are thrilled to support this important corporate partner’s expansion in Floyd County. […] The company’s continued investment is a strong testament to the New River Valley’s strategic location and business-friendly environment, and we thank H&V for creating high-quality jobs in Floyd County.”


Wholesome Foods:

Wholesome Foods is investing $1.2 million in order to expand in Right to Work Shenandoah County, Virginia. This will also create 12 new jobs!

“As Virginia’s largest private industry, our agricultural sector draws its strength from the diversity of production and the entrepreneurial spirit of families like the Pences, whose company has served the Shenandoah community for more than 50 years. […] I thank Wholesome Foods for its commitment to the Commonwealth and wish them success in the future serving the farmers and consumers of Virginia and beyond.” […]

“Virginia’s livestock producers benefit when family-owned companies with a strong commitment to local sourcing, like Wholesome Foods, make meaningful investments into the processing infrastructure. […] I am pleased that the Commonwealth could partner with Shenandoah County through the AFID program to support this important expansion of Virginia’s meat processing industry.”


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