Businesses are Choosing Right to Work Alabama

Businesses that are choosing to invest in Right to Work Alabama include Resicum International and Pack Health. Resicum international will soon be adding a location. Meanwhile, Pack Health is expanding. Read on in order to find out how these will leave a positive impact on the economy!

Resicum International:

Resicum International is investing $1.3 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Selma, Alabama. This will also create 70 new jobs!

“Craig Field offers growing aviation companies a lot of advantages, particularly when it comes to the preparation of the next generation of aviation professionals. […] Resicum represents an ideal partner as Craig Field continues to capitalize on these possibilities.”

“I am extremely happy that I had a part in bringing more jobs and economic development to Selma and Dallas County. […] This is a quality company with a great reputation in the aviation community.”


Pack Health:

Pack Health is investing $5.66 million in order to expand and create 200 new jobs in Right to Work Birmingham, Alabama.

“It is our pleasure to work with the state of Alabama to grow Pack Health in Birmingham. […] Beyond our pride at what we have accomplished in the last few years, we are extremely proud to add 200 positions to Jefferson County and expand our capabilities in connecting diagnostic insights to our members managing chronic health conditions.” […]

“Pack Health will play an increasingly important role at Quest Diagnostics, connecting our diagnostic insights to actions patients can take to improve their health. […] Pack Health provides ongoing engagement to help individuals sustain positive health choices, from maintaining an exercise program to participating in a clinical trial.” […]

“Pack Health represents one of Birmingham’s most successful startups, and it’s rewarding to see Quest Diagnostics validate that success by launching growth plans that solidify Pack Health’s future in its hometown. […] This is great news for Birmingham and a testament to the vitality of the region’s start-up ecosystem.”


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