Businesses Are Establishing in Right to Work South Carolina

Businesses are choosing to establish locations in Right to Work South Carolina. Companies doing this include The Upcycle Company and Engineered Foam Packaging, as well as FlexCold. Of course, others such as Yanfeng are expanding within the state. Read on in order to learn more!


Yanfeng is investing $49.6 million in order to expand in Right to Work Fountain Inn, South Carolina. This will also create 58 new jobs!

“Yanfeng is pleased to make this additional investment and further grow our Fountain Inn operations. This location is a key part of our North American business. We appreciate the support from the state of South Carolina.” […]

“The growth of a company in South Carolina is always reason to celebrate. Yanfeng’s expansion is reflective of our state’s position as a global automotive leader, producing world-class quality vehicles and parts.”


The Upcycle Company:

The Upcycle Company is investing $8 million in order to establish a location in Right to Work Bishopville, South Carolina. They will also create 22 new jobs!

“South Carolina is well-positioned to serve the growth of companies in the recycling sector because of our excellent business resources for existing and emerging markets in the green growth industry. It is always great to see a new business establish in our state, and we wish The Upcycle Company much success in Lee County.” […]

“This region continues to attract robust and diversified business partners. The announcement of The Upcycle Company to operate in Lee County is an exciting one. We are dedicated to providing top notch talent to shore up their continued success.”


Engineered Foam Packaging:

Engineered Foam Packaging is investing $15 million in order to establish in Right to Work Bishopville, South Carolina. This will also create 53 new jobs!

“We are proud that companies continue to choose South Carolina, and our team is committed to providing top-notch resources for all businesses to excel. Congratulations to Engineered Foam Packaging, and welcome to South Carolina.” […]

“This region continues to develop strong national and international ties by showcasing its ability to host and provide companies with the essential ingredients for its success. That, coupled with a solid workforce and dedicated leadership, catapults TheLINK region as we recruit and expand our industrial base. We are delighted by EFP’s decision to select Lee County for their first S.C. operation.”



FlexCold is investing $49.9 million in order to establish operations in Right to Work Dorchester County, South Carolina and create 59 new jobs!

“We welcome FlexCold to Dorchester County and celebrate the new opportunities that the company will create. South Carolina’s business-friendly climate, talented workforce and efficient infrastructure network make it the perfect location for FlexCold to establish new operations.” […]

“SC Ports has significantly upgraded its refrigerated capabilities to efficiently handle more frozen and fresh products for the growing Southeast consumer base. FlexCold’s investment will complement these efforts and further enhance the cold chain in South Carolina. This innovative facility will expand the ability to move more frozen products, such as seafood, through the Port of Charleston.”


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