Businesses are Interested in Right to Work Mississippi!

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Three companies are investing in Right to Work Mississippi. These include Southern Designs and Gifts, Kohler Power, and Adranos. Southern Designs and Gifts is adding a new location in Natchez. Meanwhile, Kohler power is expanding in Hattiesburg, and Adranos is expanding in McHenry. These investments will help boost the economy and also improve the job market.

Read on to find out more about each of these investments!

Southern Designs and Gifts:

Southern Designs and Gifts is investing over $2 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Natchez, Mississippi. This will also create 30 new jobs!

“We are excited to expand our business into Natchez and the state of Mississippi. Vidalia and Natchez are essentially one town, separated only by a river. We intend to continue growing at both of our facilities and advancing the cause of regionalism for the Miss-Lou.” […]

“MDA is glad to welcome Southern Designs and Gifts as the newest member of the Natchez business community and newest corporate partner to the state. In Natchez, the company found the ingredients needed to accommodate its growth. I am certain its new location will serve the company well for generations to come. We appreciate our partners at Natchez, Inc., and the city of Natchez for working with MDA to ensure Southern Designs and Gifts’ successful expansion in Adams County.” […]

“We are excited to see Southern Designs continue to grow in our region. With our business environment changing, we are pleased to see this business stay ahead of the times all while being a business partner for the area.”


Kohler Power:

Kohler Power is expanding in Right to Work Hattiesburg, Mississippi! This will create 75 new jobs for people in the area, so this is good news!

“Kohler’s significant expansions in its Hattiesburg operations demonstrate to the country and to the world that Hattiesburg is a great place for business and that the area’s workforce is one of the best around – always ready to produce and deliver the top-quality products that have made Kohler a household name. I congratulate the Kohler team and its dedicated employees on yet another milestone in our great state. I look forward to the company’s continued success in the Pine Belt Region.” […]

“MDA is excited to support Kohler’s latest expansion that brings more manufacturing jobs to Hattiesburg. Every single day, both at home and at work, millions of people all over the country depend on Kohler’s products to perform successfully and at the highest industry standards. We are proud our workforce is entrusted to play a large role in the production of those products. We thank the Kohler team for once again turning to Mississippi for their latest expansion.” 



Adranos, the rocket fuel company, is investing $1.35 million toward an expansion in Right to Work McHenry, Mississippi. This will also create 25 new jobs.

“We are grateful for the continued support of Stone County and the state of Mississippi as we continue developing our high-performance solid rocket fuel. The McHenry location will provide us access to first-class facilities and an exceptional talent base to enable the growth of our rocket motor research, development, and production operations for years to come.” […]

“Job creation is at the forefront of Mississippi’s economic development efforts, and announcements such as the Adranos expansion mean stronger communities, stronger economies and a stronger workforce that is ready to tackle the exciting jobs of the future. Adranos’s decision to add 25 new jobs at its McHenry location is a shining example of public-private partnerships working together to generate new opportunities for the people of our great state.”


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