Businesses Continually Choose Right to Work Virginia

Companies are continuing to invest in Right to Work Virginia, and these include E-Z Treat and Granules India. In fact, both of these businesses already have locations here. But since the state provides Right to Work benefits, these companies are looking to expand. Read on in order to learn more about these businesses’ economic impacts!

E-Z Treat:

E-Z Treat is investing $3.5 million in order to expand in Right to Work Fauquier County, Virginia. This will also create 16 new jobs.

“E-Z Treat relocated to Fauquier County years ago because of Virginia’s better business climate and lower utility costs, as well as lower state and local taxes. […] As a result, we’ve grown significantly here and it makes sense to expand in Catlett, especially with the support we’ve received from Fauquier County and the Virginia Economic Development Partnership. We appreciate the Virginia Jobs Investment Program grant to help us offset the costs of workforce recruiting and training.” […]

“Attracting and retaining manufacturers remains essential to economic growth across the Commonwealth, and we are proud of our long-term partnership with E-Z Treat. […] The company’s decision to expand reinforces the region’s competitive operating costs, access to markets, and workforce, and we thank E-Z Treat for its confidence in Virginia.”


Granules India:

Granules India is investing $12.5 million in order to add another Right to Work Virginia facility. The Prince William County location will create 57 new jobs.

“The addition of a U.S. packaging facility will result in Granules being among the few pharmaceutical companies to be vertically integrated from API to packaging, which will bolster the robustness of Granules’ supply chain while also enabling the company to react even faster to consumers’ growing needs for pharmaceutical product. […] The company chose Virginia because of Prince William County’s responsiveness which allowed Granules faster access to commercialization. In addition, Prince William offers a dynamic and diverse workforce that is eager to work along with the site’s proximity to several major seaports. Granules also chose to expand within Virginia to leverage its existing manufacturing footprint and workforce.” […]

“When a global company like Granules India establishes a second Virginia operation, it reinforces that our business-friendly climate, collaborative environment, and skilled workforce. […] The Commonwealth’s pharmaceutical sector has gained significant momentum in recent years, and we thank Granules for continuing our success in this booming industry.”


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