Businesses Expand, Creating Jobs in Right to Work South Carolina

Businesses in the state of South Carolina are expanding despite the hardships of the pandemic. Fitesa will be expanding in Simpsonville, while Sigmatex will be expanding in Cameron. Altogether, these two businesses will invest $104.5 million in the state and create 90 new jobs. This shows how strong Right to Work economies are. So read on to find out more about each business investment!

Fitesa Simpsonville:

“A longtime partner of the Simpsonville community, Fitesa’s decision to invest $100 million in Greenville County is a real reason to celebrate and a testament to the pro-business environment we have worked so hard to create in all parts of our state.” […]

“Greenville County is pleased that Fitesa Simpsonville has brought this major expansion to its fine facility here. For many years, the county and our communities have appreciated the quality jobs and civic contributions made by Fitesa.”


Sigmatex Carbon Textile Solutions:

“When companies invest and grow because they see the value in the local people and support network, it reinforces that we have something amazing beating in the hearts of our communities. As a newer company with its original location in the county, Sigmatex’s announcement today is proof that existing industries can find great success in Orangeburg’s Global Logistics Triangle. Thank you Sigmatex for your dedication, and congrats to you and Orangeburg on many more successful years ahead.” […]

“The impact will create well-paying jobs for another 50 employees and for that, we are grateful. The fact that Orangeburg County will become the U.S. operational headquarters for Sigmatex is testimony that Orangeburg County has what it takes to be successful.”


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