Businesses Look to Right to Work Oklahoma City to Settle

Oklahoma, and in particular, Oklahoma City, has caught the eye of various businesses. North Star Scientific plans to add a location here and create up to 40 new jobs over time while they work on new aerospace solutions. Meanwhile, Amazon is adding a new Fulfillment Center, which will create 500 new jobs. So these two businesses will give Oklahoma an economic boost.

Read on to find out more about each company’s investment!

North Star Scientific:

“We are proud to have North Star Scientific join Oklahoma’s aerospace industry. […] They recognized what our state has to offer […] and decided to join the more than 1,100 aerospace entities operating here.” […]

“North Star Scientific recognized the benefits of our engineering talent pipeline and being located close to Tinker Air Force Base presented to their company. We look forward to working with [them] and helping them prosper in Oklahoma City.”


Amazon Fulfillment Center:

“Amazon’s new facility is another testament to the nation and the world that Oklahoma is open for business. […] As governor, it is my priority to foster a climate where businesses can grow, thrive and expand in order to provide jobs for hardworking Oklahomans to support their families. I salute Amazon on its expansion and look forward to its continued growth in our state.” […]

“Amazon’s continued growth in Oklahoma City is a recognition of the strength of our market. […] These 500 jobs are particularly important as people who have lost jobs due to the pandemic are looking for long-term stable employment.”


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