Check Out the Latest on Right to Work Louisiana’s Economy

There’s a lot always going on in Louisiana as a result of its Right to Work laws, which give workers the right to continue to work regardless of what union bosses order them to do. Some businesses making investments in Right to Work Louisiana are Niagara Bottling and Excella, as well as Great Southern Wood Preserving.

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Niagara Bottling:

Niagara Bottling is investing $160 million in order to add a new facility in Right to Work Hammond, Louisiana. As a result, this will create 70 new jobs!

“Niagara Bottling is grounded in principles that put strong business and community relationships first, and we look forward to deepening our connection with Tangipahoa Parish through the establishment of this facility. […] Louisiana has a rich beverage manufacturing history, and Tangipahoa Parish stood out as a highly attractive partner for this project thanks to a combination of location, logistical support and potential workforce.” […]

“Niagara’s new production facility will help grow Louisiana’s food and beverage industry while continuing to diversify and strengthen our thriving manufacturing sector. […] Manufacturing jobs have a powerful ripple effect on our economy, so the 170 new job opportunities this project creates will benefit not only Tangipahoa Parish but the entire Southeast Region.” […]

“Working with Niagara Bottling Company over the past several months has truly been a team effort. […] Every arm of Tangipahoa Parish government along with all of our ancillary services moved together to find the best solutions to land this project here. Niagara Bottling is a solid, well-established company that values quality, integrity, hard work and great customer service. We are proud and excited to welcome them to Tangipahoa Parish and look forward to continuing to support them long-term as they build and grow here.”



Excella is establishing a new facility soon in Right to Work New Orleans, Louisiana. This will also mean 150 new jobs!

“I’m excited to bring Excella to Louisiana and be part of building the state into the country’s most creative tech hub.” […]

“This is a great win for Louisiana’s rapidly expanding technology sector. […] Companies like Excella are diversifying the state’s economy while also driving innovation and empowering our workforce with quality, high-paying jobs.” […]

“As the city’s technology economy continues to expand, New Orleans Business Alliance is excited to welcome Excella. […] NOLABA looks forward to working with Excella to connect with the vast and diverse talent networks available in New Orleans. The future of technology employment will continue to become more flexible, and New Orleans is poised to benefit from this trend.”


Great Southern Wood Preserving:

Great Southern Wood Preserving is investing $5.9 million in order to expand and create 25 new jobs in Right to Work Mansura, Louisiana.

“Our expansion in Mansura is phase two of the long-range plan we had in mind when we began operations here in late 2011.” […]

“Great Southern Wood Preserving’s reinvestment in its Mansura facility is a testament to the talent of our workforce, and illustrates the strength of Louisiana’s timber and manufacturing industries. […] We are committed to growing our economy in every corner of our state and revitalizing our rural areas. Companies like Great Southern lift up our rural communities by investing in local economies and providing quality jobs for the men and women of Louisiana.” […]

“Great Southern Wood continues to invest and expand in the Louisiana Central regional economy. […] Its latest investment represents an expansion of the company’s workforce and physical plant in Mansura. We continue to be excited about Great Southern Wood’s future.”


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