Check Out the Latest Right to Work Tennessee Investments!

Businesses are always investing in Right to Work Tennessee, whether its new businesses finding themselves here or current ones expanding. No doubt, this all comes as a result of the state’s Right to Work laws. Some of the most recent investments are coming from Macy’s and Tritium, as well as Monogram Foods.

Read on so you can learn more about each investment!


Macy’s is expanding soon in Right to Work Portland, Tennessee. This will also create 50 new jobs for the area!

“Macy’s is excited about this investment and our continued expansion in the Portland area. The new automated technology will further modernize our operations and increase our capacity and productivity to better serve our valued customers across the country.” […]

“Since 2016, companies have invested $4.5 billion in Tennessee’s transportation, distribution and logistics sector. Macy’s is a driving force behind that figure, and we look forward to a continued partnership with this globally recognized brand”



Tritium is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Lebanon, Tennessee. As a result, this will create 500 new jobs for the area!

“Tritium’s investment in a U.S.-based, cutting-edge facility for manufacturing is part of our strong push toward global growth in support of the e-mobility industry. We are thrilled to work with the U.S. Federal government and the State of Tennessee on this initiative. With the help of the hard-working residents of Tennessee, we expect to double or even triple our charger production capacity to further our product distribution throughout the United States.” […]

“Tennessee is at the forefront of the electric vehicle evolution, and we are proud to have another global company join the roster of companies that support this thriving industry in our state. We appreciate Tritium’s investment in Lebanon and know that this accomplishment would not be possible without the strong leadership at the state and local community level.”


Monogram Assembled Foods:

Monogram Assembled Foods is investing $53.5 million toward a new location soon in Right to Work Dickson, Tennessee, creating 400 new jobs!

“Dickson is a thriving community with a dynamic workforce, and we are proud to call it home for our newest location. Our team members at Monogram Foods in Dickson will allow us to bring even more of your favorite convenience foods and appetizers to stores across the country. We look forward to bringing more jobs to the community and serving the Dickson area in many ways. A huge thanks to the state of Tennessee, TVA, and Dickson County for helping make this a reality. […]

“More than $12 billion has been invested in Tennessee by manufacturing companies since 2016. Monogram Foods’ $53.5 million investment in Dickson County will strengthen that figure while also enhancing our state’s business-friendly climate and reputation as a leader in the manufacturing sector.”


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