Check out these Recent Investments in Right to Work Texas

Three companies that are investing in Texas include Gulf Avionics, MDC Vacuum Products, and Amazon. Gulf Avionics will be relocating its headquarters in Kerrville, Texas, and also creating 50 new jobs. MDC Vacuum Products is expanding in Pflugerville, and also creating 90 new jobs. And lastly, Amazon will be adding a new fulfillment center in Amarillo and creating 500 new jobs.

Altogether, these three businesses will create 640 new jobs. So this will be a great addition to Texas’s economy! Read on to find out more about each investment!

Gulf Avionics:

“This sector is growing incredibly fast, as leading aviation companies see numerous cost and workforce benefits, as well as our supply-chain network’s added value, to locating along this well-known corridor. […] Our work in further developing this industry cluster is in alignment with Governor Greg Abbott’s vision of making Texas No. 1 in the aviation, aerospace and space sectors nationally.”


MDC Vacuum Products:

“The new MDC Precision factory will initially focus on high-purity weldments for gas and fluid delivery, a critical technology essential to the diverse global markets we serve. […] The MDC team has been working very closely with the PCDC to set up operations. We look forward to collaborating to contribute to Pflugerville’s growth and prosperity as MDC accelerates its expansion in the region.”



“We’re thrilled to welcome Amazon to Amarillo. […] The addition of the Amazon fulfillment center in Amarillo will have a large impact on not only our community, but the entire Texas Panhandle. Amazon’s investment in our city includes the creation of 500 new, full-time jobs. Amarillo has always been a logistical hub, and Amazon’s facility will reinforce this.”


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