Check out These Right to Work Michigan Investments!

Right to Work states are always attracting new business, thanks to the benefits they provide. And Michigan’s not missing out on them. Four businesses that are investing in Michigan are Piramal Pharma, MCPc, Pace Industries, and Hollingsworth Logistics. Piramal Pharma and Hollingsworth Logistics are both expanding in their current locations. Meanwhile, MCPc is adding headquarters to Grand Rapids. And lastly, Pace Industries is relocating to Novi. Altogether, these four businesses will create 369 new jobs for the state. So this is just more good news worth sharing!

Read on to learn more about each investment.

Piramal Pharma Solutions:

Piramal Pharma Solutions is expanding soon in Right to Work Riverview, Michigan with a $35 million investment. This will also create 31 new jobs!

“Piramal Pharma Solutions’ decision to expand in Southeast Michigan will create good-paying jobs for our talented workforce. […] Their expansion underscores the strength of Michigan’s business climate and continued leadership in manufacturing across industry sectors. This is great news for workers and their families as we continue our economic jumpstart and put Michigan back to work. With the help of companies like PPS, we can put Michigan first and build back our state’s economy stronger than ever before.” […]

“Michigan is grateful for Piramal Pharma Solutions’ continued vote of confidence in our state and in our workforce. […] We appreciate the efforts of our local partners in Wayne County to support this project and will work with PPS over the coming months and years as it continues to grow and add jobs for Michigan residents.”



MCPc is locating headquarters in Right to Work Grand Rapids, Michigan with a $2.8 million investment. This will then create 28 new jobs!

“As MCPc continues on its high-growth trajectory, we are looking forward to expanding in the thriving city of Grand Rapids. […] We are thankful for the support of this highly collaborative community, especially our partners at MEDC and The Right Place.” […]

“Grand Rapids continues to establish itself as a premier tech and professional services hub in the state. This investment by MCPc further underscores the competitive advantages our state is has to offer growing tech businesses, from the strength of our business climate to our talented workforce. […] We’re proud to work with The Right Place, EGLE, the city of Grand Rapids, and other local partners as we send the message that Michigan’s economy is recovering as we get to work building a championship economy here in the state.” […]


Pace Industries:

Pace Industries is relocating soon to Right to Work Novi, Michigan with a $1.9 million investment. This will also create 60 new jobs!

“Pace Industries recently moved its global headquarters to the Metro Detroit area for better access to our customer and supply bases, and the engaged, experienced talent that Michigan has to offer.” […]

“We are pleased to welcome Pace Industries headquarters to Michigan as they create 64 new advanced manufacturing jobs and tap into a robust, highly skilled talent pool that stretches across all corners of the state. […] Today’s grand opening is yet another reminder that the ingenuity and innovation of our incredible business community here in Michigan remains unmatched. We appreciate the efforts of local partners in Novi to support this project. And [we] will work with Pace Industries as it continues to grow and add jobs for Michigan residents.” […]


Hollingsworth Logistics Group:

Hollingsworth Logistics Group is expanding soon in Right to Work Brownstown Charter Township, Michigan. This will also create 250 new jobs!

“Hollingsworth is proud to invest and grow in Brownstown Charter Township and is grateful for earning the support of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. […] This expansion will provide significant employment opportunities in the region and help us to continue to successfully serve our growing customer base.”

With a workforce that is over 80% minority-based, Hollingsworth has a history of employing disadvantaged populations, and works with local organizations like Michigan Works! to hire for entry-level positions. The project aligns with MEDC’s strategic focus industry of mobility and automotive manufacturing and the regional impact industry of logistics.


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