Check Out What’s Happening in Right to Work Florida

Florida is a Right to Work state, which means employees are allowed more freedoms than in Forced Unionism states. This, in turn, creates incentives for companies and also allow them to create more jobs. The most recent Right to Work Florida investments are coming from Kaseya and Danone North America, as well as LeverX and Kroger. Keep reading in order to learn more!


Kaseya is investing $16 million in order to expand headquarters and create 3,400 new jobs in Right to Work Miami, Florida!

“We are proud to be growing in Miami-Dade County as we continue creating jobs at our headquarters and investing directly in developing this community’s future tech leaders and entrepreneurs. […] As we look to add hundreds of high-paying jobs over the next three years, we will deepen Kaseya’s existing relationships with local colleges and universities to ensure opportunities for residents across Miami to join our growing team.” […]

“With tech layoffs recently impacting thousands of people and their organizations across the U.S., our longstanding partnership with Kaseya to bolster job creation has never been more important. […] Their growth during such a unique inflection point in the tech industry is a clear reflection of the economic health, favorable business climate and robust talent base Miami-Dade County offers to employers at any stage of their journey.”


Danone North America:

Danone North America is investing $65 million in order to expand and create 40 new jobs in Right to Work Jacksonville, Florida.

“We are delighted to announce this investment in our North American business, which will allow us to capitalize on consumer demand in key beverage categories including coffee creamers, plant-based creamers, and ready-to-drink coffee, while also supporting our long-term growth agenda. […] This investment will help us keep our products on our customers’ shelves and give more American consumers the Danone products they love.” […]

“Advanced manufacturing is key to a winning strategy for Northeast Florida and we are thrilled that Danone North America will remain and expand its facility here. […] Our region is known worldwide for its depth of skilled talent, lower operating costs and business friendliness, all of which will bear fruit for both Danone and our community at large.”



LeverX is relocating its headquarters from California to Right to Work Miami, Florida.

“Miami’s tech space is growing at a rapid pace, with companies such as LeverX choosing South Florida as the next logical step for their business. […] Florida was ranked #1 for new tech business establishments in 2021 by CompTIA, and we only expect to see more growth occur in the years to come. With our tremendous quality of life, skilled workforce, and business-friendly environment, Florida is primed to support the flourishing tech industry.” […]

“Miami is a natural fit for a global tech leader like LeverX. […] One of the fastest growing innovation hubs in the country, Miami is a diverse community that is entrepreneurial at its core and is invested in the success of companies that choose to call it home. Boasting local, national and international talent with strong SAP expertise, we look forward to having LeverX engage with our thriving tech cluster and contribute to its continued growth.”



Kroger has just added a new facility in Right to Work Miami, Florida. As a result, this will create 90 new jobs for the area.

“We are thrilled to connect more Floridians to the Kroger Delivery shopping experience, which brings thousands of digital coupons, valuable fuel points and the freshest products directly to customers’ doors. […] Whether they are using the Kroger app or browsing our weekly ad at, customers can enjoy fresh, high-quality, affordable groceries delivered by best-in-class uniformed drivers.” […]

“We’ve been working closely with the Kroger team since they started looking to expand to South Florida and knew this was a geography that would offer significant growth potential.”


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