Cold Hard Facts on Right to Work Economic Performance

Writing in D Magazine, Susan Arledge uses the facts to make the case for Right to Work:

The U.S. Bureau of Economic data shows that between 1990 and 2010, right-to-work states experienced much higher median economic performance with:

  • Employment growth of 25.9 percent for right-to-work states vs. 7.9 percent for all other states
  • Per capita income growth of 117.8 percent vs. 104.3 percent
  • Population growth of 29 percent vs. 23.6 percent
  • Manufacturing employment growth of 84.0 percent vs.19.4 percent
  • Manufacturing wage per worker growth of 108.7 percent vs. 96.1 percent

Thus, on every economic dimension examined above, right-to-work states experienced significantly greater economic performance than non-right-to-work states.