Companies are Flocking to Right to Work Kentucky!

Right to Work Kentucky’s economy is flourishing as more and more businesses decide to make this state their home. Companies adding new locations in Kentucky are Bigelow Tea and Chapin International, as well as LDG Multifamily, and Thoroughbred Aviation. Bigelow Tea is actually relocating here after realizing that Kentucky offers more than their previous location. Chapin is investing in an expansion in one current Kentucky location as well as adding a brand new Kentucky location. Meanwhile, LDG Multifamily and Thoroughbred Aviation Maintenance are both adding headquarters here. In fact, Thoroughbred Aviation is already ready to begin hiring!

Altogether, these four companies will create 328 new jobs. So this will be great for the economy! Read on to learn more about each individual investment.

Bigelow Tea:

Bigelow Tea Co is relocating soon to Right to Work Jeffersontown, Kentucky with a $53 million investment. This will also create 31 new jobs!

“The Bigelow family and all our team members are proud of our plan to build a state-of-the-art facility in Louisville. […] Over the next few years, we will be committing over $50 million to create an extraordinary plant that will take us forward for decades to come. We would like to thank the Commonwealth of Kentucky, City of Louisville, and the City of Jeffersontown for providing the support necessary to help us finalize the purchase of a 20-acre property near our existing facility that has operated in Jeffersontown for almost 30 years. This is a very exciting time for our family business.” […]

“Congratulations to Bigelow Tea on the company’s expansion in Jefferson County. […]This project is the latest example of Kentucky’s food, beverage and agritech sector growing rapidly and helping to create quality job opportunities for Kentucky residents.”


Chapin International:

Chapin International is investing $16.7 million toward two expansions in Right to Work Kentucky. This will then create a total of 200 new jobs!

“Chapin is excited to continue our growth in Kentucky. In just one year we have met our five-year employment goal of 100 people in Rockcastle County. […] The addition of another 500,000 square feet in Danville, Kentucky, will allow us to continue our growth at a quicker pace.” […]

“Chapin shares our vision to create quality jobs for Kentuckians for years to come. I thank its leadership for believing in our state and our talented workforce for not one, but two significant new investments here. […]

“We warmly welcome Chapin International as the newest corporate citizen of Danville-Boyle County’s strong and diverse business community. […] In addition to its planned capital investment and job creation, Chapin will breathe new life into an older existing industrial facility. We are committed to Chapin’s success and growth here.”


LDG Multifamily:

LDG Multifamily is adding new headquarters in Right to Work Louisville, Kentucky with a $10.75 million investment. This will also create 50 new jobs!

“Our decision to keep our headquarters in Louisville and expand our local workforce reflects our long-term goal of remaining a Louisville-based organization and our belief that leaders in this community are committed to developing innovative solutions to address the need for more affordable housing. […] LDG Multifamily was founded in Louisville, and we are proud of our strong roots within this community. We appreciate the support Governor Beshear, Mayor Fischer and the Commonwealth of Kentucky have provided and look forward to expanding our presence in our hometown.” […]

“This relocation and expansion in Louisville by LDG Multifamily will create dozens of well-paying jobs for Kentucky residents, and I want to thank the company for this commitment to our state. […] LDG is doing great work providing affordable-housing opportunities for those who need it, while also creating quality jobs. Congratulations to the company and the Louisville community on this project.”


Thoroughbred Aviation Maintenance:

Thoroughbred Aviation Maintenance has new headquarters now in Right to Work Lexington, Kentucky after an $800,000 investment. This will create 47 new jobs!

“Thoroughbred Aviation Maintenance is a perfect example of how companies of all types can grow in the commonwealth. […] This company has operated in our state for more than 30 years and continues to grow and create quality job opportunities for our residents. I want to congratulate TAM on this new operation and thank its leaders for their continued commitment to Kentucky and our skilled workforce across multiple communities.” […]

“We are so excited to see the growth of Thoroughbred Aviation Maintenance right here in Central Kentucky. […] We enjoyed working with the Thoroughbred Aviation Maintenance team on this expansion project and look forward to more great things in the future.”


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