Companies are Making Major Investments in RTW Georgia

Major companies are choosing to invest in Right to Work Georgia, and along with them come major economic opportunities. Some of the most recent Right to Work Georgia investments are coming from 80 Acres Farms and Qcells, as well as TYM Group and Hyundai Motor Group. Altogether, they will invest a total of $5.851 billion toward the economy. So this is exciting news for the state! In addition, these businesses will also create a total of 8,870 new jobs. So businesses aren’t the only ones benefitting either!

Read on so you can learn more about each investment.

80 Acres Farms:

80 Acres Farms is investing $120 million in order to expand in Right to Work Covington, Georgia. This will create 150 new jobs as a result.

“It’s no coincidence that our first next-generation production farm outside the Midwest will be in the heart of Georgia. […] We went looking for another community where government officials and business leaders were prioritizing the future of farming, and we found that in Covington. This new farm allows us to give consumers in the Atlanta region what they truly want, fresh, local, pesticide-free food.” […]

“80 Acres Farms is an exciting and innovative addition to Georgia’s agriculture community, which embraces sustainable farming solutions that push the industry forward. […] Vertical farming technology uses cutting-edge techniques to better manage land and resources, increase crop yields, and reliably produce a diverse selection of crops year-round. Georgia’s rich farming history, our innovative AgTech ecosystem, and our strategic geographic location ensures 80 Acres Farms will find all the support it needs to flourish in Georgia.”



Qcells is investing $171 million toward a facility in Right to Work Dalton, Georgia. As a result, this will create 470 new jobs.

“Our additional investment in Dalton will help Qcells better serve the needs of U.S. customers with increased local manufacturing capacity. […] Georgia has become the clean energy manufacturing heart of America, and we are proud to contribute to the state’s advanced manufacturing economy.” […]

“There is no doubt that we are witnessing the rebirth of the solar panel manufacturing industry in the United States, and Qcells is a pioneer in that movement. […] In 2019, the company opened their state-of-the-art facility in Dalton, which ultimately became the largest solar panel manufacturing facility in the Western Hemisphere. Today we celebrate not only the successes of the past, but the future that Qcells brings by expanding their footprint in Georgia. Many thanks to Qcells for continuing to invest in Georgia, solidifying our position as a leader in renewable energy job growth. Congratulations and thank you to our partners in Dalton and Whitfield County for creating a business friendly environment that provides companies the support they need to succeed.”


TYM Group:

TYM Group is investing $20 million toward a new location in Right to Work Rome, Georgia. This will also create 150 new jobs!

“This investment in North America is a part of an effort by TYM to maximize the customer experience. We aim to provide the best of TYM’s products and services to more customers and establish trust and business value with our partners. […] It was very meaningful for the opportunity to contribute to the cooperation between USA and Korea through this major facility investment in Georgia, in line with President Biden’s visit to Korea.”

TYM, which currently has production facilities in four states in the USA, plans to increase its annual tractor production in North America from 30,000 to 50,000 units through this newest investment plan. The South Korean tractor manufacturer plans to dramatically enhance product quality while improving parts supply and service to more than 300 dealerships in North America and expand its customer contact points.


Hyundai Motor Group:

Hyundai Motor Group is investing $5.54 billion toward an EV facility in Right to Work Bryan County, Georgia. This will create 8,100 new jobs!

“Under Governor Kemp’s leadership, we have been focused on putting Georgia at the forefront of electric mobility. Today’s announcement of Hyundai Motor Group’s first fully dedicated EV manufacturing facility solidifies our spot at the vanguard of the EV transition. […] We could not be more excited to welcome the Hyundai Group to Georgia and to celebrate this incredible investment. This state-of-the-art facility will create exciting new possibilities for all Georgians and transform an entire region. Congratulations to everyone who has worked tirelessly to support this project. I could not be prouder to be part of Team Georgia.” […]

“Hyundai Motor Group’s new location, less than 30 miles from Garden City Terminal and directly adjacent to I-16, provides stellar access to global and domestic markets for both assembly components and finished vehicle marketing. […] The group’s decision to expand here in Georgia is a clear endorsement of the Peach State as a dynamic center for cutting-edge manufacturing.”


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