Companies are Setting up in Right to Work Indiana

Indiana provides economic benefits and incentives to companies as a result of its Right to Work laws. So it’s no surprise why businesses are chooses to locate here. The most recent Right to Work Indiana investments are coming from spokenote and RxLightning, as well as Atarraya. Altogether, they will create 540 new jobs. So this is exciting news! Read on in order to learn more.


spokenote is investing $2.95 million in order to locate headquarters in Right to Work Fishers, Indiana. This will also create 300 new jobs!

“Between the thriving innovation ecosystem in Fishers, and the financial incentives from the state, we’re confident in our ability to generate new jobs and create economic value in Indiana.” […]

“Indiana continues to position itself as a leader in entrepreneurship and in tech innovation, making us the perfect place for spokenote to launch and grow. […] I couldn’t be more grateful for them choosing Indiana among a world of options and for the hundreds of high-tech, high-wage jobs they will create for Hoosiers in central Indiana.” […]

“As a state, we are focused on advancing future-focused industries by investing in innovative, high-growth companies like spokenote. […] Indiana was named one of the top global emerging destinations for startups, and our robust network of entrepreneurs and innovative companies like spokenote will continue to elevate our reputation as a leader in the tech sector.”



RxLightning is creating 175 new jobs in Right to Work New Albany, Indiana. This comes as a result of the company’s new headquarters.

“This is an incredibly exciting move for RxLightning. […] Our new expanded headquarters will allow us to continue our growth and work collaboratively to accelerate the speed at which patients get access to medicine they need. The state of Indiana, the city of New Albany and One Southern Indiana have been amazing partners in this endeavor. We considered other locations, but we’re thrilled to remain here in southern Indiana.” […]

“RxLightning is a perfect example of how Indiana innovators are advancing the industries of the future. […] The company’s solutions, powered by skilled and hardworking Hoosiers, are helping patients access life-saving treatments. Indiana is a leader in medical devices and pharmaceuticals, and now we’re the ideal destination for growing health tech companies like RxLightning.”



Atarraya is investing $4.8 million toward establishing US operations in Right to Work Indianapolis, Indiana. This will create 65 new jobs.

“We’re inspired by the cutting-edge technology Atarraya has created to advance shrimp cultivation, and I am ecstatic to see these entrepreneurs and innovators choose Indiana to locate and scale their business. […] Indiana is the ideal location for agtech companies like Atarraya to continue developing innovative solutions while providing consumers with a sustainable food source.” […]

“Atarraya’s Shrimpbox unites the power of technology, science and sustainable food production to bring new choices to the U.S. market. […] Indiana’s $52 billion agbioscience economy, coupled with our strength in technology, make Indiana a destination of choice for global innovators like Atarraya as we build the economy of the future.”


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