Companies Continue to Choose Right to Work Texas

Businesses investing in Right to Work Texas include AES and EnviroSafe Demil, as well as KoMiCo and BMSC. Each company will have a positive effect on the state’s economy and create new jobs. Read on in order to learn more!

AES Corporation:

AES Corporation is investing $4 billion in order to add a major facility in Right to Work Wilbarger County, Texas. This will also create 115 new jobs!

“We are very pleased to extend our hydrogen leadership and our extensive operations in Texas and announce this exciting joint venture with AES for a new green hydrogen production facility, which will be competitive on a global scale while bringing significant tax, job and energy security benefits to Texas.” […]

“This project will capitalize on AES’ strength in energy innovation and Texas’ abundant renewables resources to extend Texas’ leadership position in the energy sector.” […]

“With the announcement of this groundbreaking facility by Air Products and AES, the State of Texas will extend its leadership in U.S. energy production and help meet our country’s energy needs for decades to come. […] This project will not only bring hundreds of jobs and millions in revenue to the Lone Star State, but will also expand our state’s robust energy sector and further solidify Texas as a global powerhouse in this critical industry. I thank Air Products and AES for choosing Texas, and I look forward to working alongside the two companies and local leaders as we keep Texas a global energy leader.” […]

“The Air Products/AES hydrogen project is a game changer for Wilbarger County. […] We welcome this project and the significant new jobs to be created during construction and beyond. With this project, we’re entering an exciting next chapter.”


EnviroSafe Demil:

EnviroSafe Demil is investing $25 million in order to relocate its headquarters in Right to Work Texarkana, Texas.

“EnviroSafe Demil is a perfect fit at TexAmericas Center. They are innovative and strategic and represent the forward-thinking we strive for at TAC. […] We’re thrilled to say, ‘Welcome to Texas.’ We’re even more excited to watch this partnership grow for the people at EnviroSafe Demil and Texarkana. We have the space, facilities, and resources that companies need to grow. We also match that with how we treat people and help them grow their business.”



KoMiCo is looking to expand, so they’re looking toward Right to Work Round Rock, Texas.

“KoMiCo is proud to partner with the city of Round Rock in further establishing the Silicon Hills as the most technologically advanced semiconductor manufacturing region in the United States.”

Austin Biz Journal


Beauty Manufacturing Solutions Corp (BMSC) is investing $150 million in order to locate to Right to Work Fort Worth, Texas and create 250 new jobs.

“The growth and success of companies, especially in manufacturing, need great partnerships and great people. BMSC is fortunate to partner with the City of Fort Worth for this ambitious new expansion that will create a new standard in personal care contract manufacturing. […] This site will merge new technologies in manufacturing along with the supporting infrastructure and ambitions from the city and our company. Most importantly, it gives us the opportunity to welcome new teammates into our organization for the decades to come.” […]

“We’re proud to welcome leading beauty manufacturer Beauty Manufacturing Solutions Corp to Fort Worth. […] This second facility will create additional jobs and growth in Fort Worth, all while retaining its initial investment in DFW.”


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