Companies Investing in Right to Work South Carolina

Businesses adding new locations in Right to Work South Carolina include Sunny Days Entertainment and Impact Housing Group, as well as Pet Supplies Plus. It’s no surprises as to why these companies choose this state. After all, Right to Work states provide great economic benefits. Read on in order to learn more about each individual investment!

Sunny Days Entertainment:

Sunny Days Entertainment is relocating headquarters to Right to Work Gray Court, South Carolina with $16 million. This will also create 80 new jobs.

“Sunny Days Entertainment, LLC is further proof that South Carolina has the assets for businesses to grow and thrive. This announcement represents increased opportunities for a rural part of our state, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact in Laurens County and beyond.”


Impact Housing Group:

Impact Housing Group is investing $30 million in order to establish operations in Right to Work Westminster, South Carolina, creating 215 new jobs.

“As more and more communities are challenged by the lack of essential housing, our new manufacturing facility in Westminster, S.C. will provide quality-engineered, modern, modular housing solutions at a more affordable price. Our homes will positively impact the quality of life and economic growth of people and their communities for a long time to come.” […]

“With their expertise in affordable housing, Impact Housing Group will be a great addition to the state and Oconee County. We welcome them to South Carolina and congratulate them on their $30 million investment that will create 215 new jobs.”


Pet Supplies Plus:

Pet Supplies Plus is investing $53 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Orangeburg County, South Carolina and create 275 new jobs.

“The new distribution center is a win-win for the Orangeburg community, Pet Supplies Plus and pet parents across the United States. The distribution center will create highly desirable logistics jobs, as well as allow for efficient distribution of a wide assortment of pet products to Pet Supplies Plus stores in the region.” […]

“With its strategic location, Orangeburg County is brimming with potential, and this major $53 million investment is proof of that. We thank Pet Supplies Plus for its commitment to our state and people.” […]

“Thank you, Pet Supplies Plus, for selecting Orangeburg County as the site of your newest distribution facility. It is a big win for the local community and skilled workers who will benefit from the plentiful number of job opportunities that will become available to them in the coming year. That’s a great outcome for us all.”


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