Defeat of Pro-Right to Work U.S. President Is ‘Primary Goal’ of Forced Dues-Fueled, $150 Million SEIU Campaign

SEIU union bosses plan to use forced union fees and other sources to fund their $150 million political campaign to take away Americans’ freedom and impose forced unionism nationwide.

Forced-Unionism Abuses Exposed – The facts Big Labor bosses would rather you didn’t hear about.

“[C]ompulsory unionism and corruption go hand in hand . . . .”

— U.S. Sen. John McClellan (D-Ark.)

Even before any American knows who will be the Democrat nominee facing off with GOP President Donald Trump this November, Service Employees International Union bigwig Mary Kay Henry has begun lavishly spending SEIU treasury money, which consists largely of dues and fees workers are forced to fork over as a condition of employment, to ensure that whoever the nominee turns out to be is inaugurated as our nation’s chief executive in January 2021.

An AP news story disseminated on February 27 reported that the hierarchy of one of the nation’s “largest labor unions” had unveiled plans “to invest $150 million in a nationwide campaign to help defeat” Trump, “a sweeping effort focused on eight battleground states” and largely on registered voters who aren’t personally SEIU members and don’t even have an SEIU member in their household!

The SEIU brass’ $150 million “investment” in 2020 politics (which does not include what will undoubtedly be ample additional electioneering expenditures made by the union’s state and local subsidiaries) is, in the AP’s words, “designed to benefit Democrats up and down the ballot this fall,” but “defeating Trump stands as a primary goal.”

By deploying brigades of paid union political operatives in more than 40 states, with a special focus on the presidential battlegrounds of Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin, the SEIU elite expect to be able to sponsor “face-to-face conversations” with six million individuals and text messages to 20 million people, according to a February 27 Washington Post news analysis.

 One key task for SEIU agents will be to dissuade hundreds of thousands of “conservative” union members who may be inclined to support Trump from actually doing so. In short, vast numbers of workers will bankroll, with forced-dues money extracted from their own paychecks, SEIU efforts to change their political views and voting behavior.

Of course, the SEIU is just one of the 58 unions that make up the massive “Change to Win” and AFL-CIO conglomerates, and SEIU bosses’ declared $150 million vote-buying scheme represents only a small fraction of the total amount Big Labor will spend on politics in 2019-2020. Last year, the National Institute for Labor Relations Research estimated Big Labor expenditures in excess of $2 billion on politics and lobbying in 2017 and 2018, and union officials can be expected to spend even more in the current presidential campaign cycle.

And unlike political spending by ordinary citizens, other interest groups or businesses, Big Labor’s “in-kind” expenditures on politics and lobbying are financed largely with conscripted money, often forked over by workers who aren’t even union members and who oppose the union-boss agenda.

What do Mary Kay Henry and other powerful union chiefs inside the D.C. Beltway intend to accomplish by electing one of their puppets as President and seizing operational control over the U.S. Senate while maintaining it over the U.S. House of Representatives?

Just for starters, Big Labor aims to pave the way for enactment next year of radical legislation, cynically mislabeled as the “Protecting the Right to Organize” Act (or PRO Act), that would hand union bosses a host of new statutory privileges over employees.

Worst of all, the PRO Act (H.R.2474/S.1306) would eliminate Right to Work protections for employees currently on the books in 27 states by authorizing the extraction of forced fees for union monopoly-bargaining schemes as a condition of employment in all 50 states.

Top Democrat presidential contenders, including former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vermont), a majority of House members, and more than 40 senators have already gone on the public record in support of the forced unionism-expanding PRO Act.

For decades, union bosses like Mary Kay Henry have poured workers’ money, with or without their consent, into political and ideological programs strongly opposed by those very workers.

They are at it again in 2020, likely on a more massive scale than ever before.

But freedom-loving Americans across the country are more determined than ever to put a stop to forced-dues politicking. And this objective can be accomplished through passage of a national Right to Work law that repeals the handful of provisions in federal labor law under which millions of employees are still being forced to bankroll unions.