Detroit News – Union Bosses Continue Tired Old Union Antics

Right to Work Tennessee - VolkswagenThe Detroit News takes note of union bosses’ antics in Michigan that they continue to use to try to make teachers crawl over glass before they can stop paying tribute to the union.

Shut out of foreign-run auto plants, the United Auto Workers are desperate to unionize the newest kid on the block, VW’s Chattanooga facility. But the prospects of success in a secret-ballot election are poor, so the UAW is trying a card-check method so they can intimidate workers into signing away their support. Eight Volkswagen workers have filed suit with the National Labor Relations Board alleging the UAW has bullied them into signing cards that would prevent an election at the VW facility.

Meanwhile, here in Michigan, the Michigan Education Association is trying to intimidate teachers by publicly listing the names of those who have left the union under the state’s right-to-work law.