Devil at My Doorstep Sweepstake

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Imagine SEIU sending trick-or-treaters to your neighborhood in an attempt to ruin your reputation.  Picture in your mind SEIU continuing its Tricks after Halloween; so-called union organizers harass you, youremployees, your customers,and attempt to destroy your public image for 3-Years.

Well, these are just some of tactics that SEIU uses against business owners, local elected officials, and presidential candidates whom they oppose.

David Bego had the pictured flyers handed out in his neighborhood by SEIU organizers masquerading as Trick-or-Treaters.  SEIU’s National Headquarters orchestrated a 3-year campaign to put Bego out of business or intimidate him enough to comply with their demands.  (FYI, SEIU refused several offers by Bego to allow his employees to vote in a secret ballot election to choose if they wanted SEIU bosses controlling their workplace.) 

Now, you have a chance to win one of a 100Devil at My Doorstep books that the National Right to Work is giving away. 

More Great News! Everyone Wins a free PDF version of STRANGLEHOLD: How union bosses have hijacked our government by former NRTW President Reed Larson. 

Enter the contest; good luck!

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