Do You Know Which Businesses are Investing in Michigan?

There are three businesses that currently have plans to invest in Right to Work Michigan. These include Magna International, Navitas Systems, and Material Handling Systems.

Magna International will soon be adding a new manufacturing facility in St. Clair. In addition, they will create 304 new jobs. Meanwhile, Material Handling Systems will be adding a new facility in Bowling Green. This will create 200 new jobs as well.

Navitas Systems will also be expanding in Pittsfield Charter Township, creating 125 new jobs.

So all of this is good news for the state! Altogether, these three businesses will create 629 new jobs. Read on to find out more about each investment!

Magna International:

“This investment by Magna will create great jobs for our state’s talented workforce as we continue to implement our Michigan Back to Work plan to get Michiganders back on their feet. […] This announcement reaffirms Michigan is transforming along with the automotive industry[…]”


Navitas Systems:

“We appreciate the opportunity to continue our development path in the state of Michigan. The job incentive grant is an important part of our justification for making the additional investments in Ann Arbor as compared to other sites. […] MEDC has been a strategic partner for Navitas since 2013 and we appreciate the confidence MEDC has placed in our company as well as the resources to help turn our plans into new jobs and opportunities.”


Material Handling Systems:

“Kentucky has been a fantastic place to grow our global business during the past 20-plus years, and we are pleased to be expanding our presence in our home state with a new facility in Bowling Green. […] We appreciate the KEDFA board’s support and the warm welcome from so many of the region’s leaders, and we look forward to becoming a valued member of the local business community.” […]


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