Economic Advancements in Right to Work South Carolina

Right to Work South Carolina Economic Update

Companies are expanding and adding new locations in South Carolina as a result of its Right to Work laws that create more freedoms for businesses and workers. The most recent Right to Work South Carolina investments are coming from Interloop and Neal Brothers Charleston, as well as Blanchard Machinery. Read on in order to find out more!


Interloop is investing $100,000 in order to expand its current facility in Right to Work Charleston, South Carolina and create 32 new jobs.

“We are excited about the next phase of Interloop’s growth and are very happy that we are able to do this as a part of the growing Charleston technology ecosystem. Our expanded operations and training programs will help grow the community of data professionals and provide them with a platform to leverage their valuable talents.” […]

“Today’s announcement is a win for Charleston County’s robust technology community, and reinforces that companies continue to find sustained success in South Carolina. Congratulations to Interloop on this expansion, and we look forward to strengthening our partnership.”


Neal Brothers Charleston:

Neal Brothers Charleston is investing $9.48 million in order to expand and create 10 new jobs in Right to Work North Charleston, South Carolina.

“Neal Brothers is special because of our customers and our people. With this new building we can grow our team and better serve our customers while continuing to invest in the place we call home, Charleston County in South Carolina.” […]

“This strategic decision by Neal Brothers to expand in Charleston County enhances the community’s logistics network and reinforces South Carolina as a first-class business location. We look forward to seeing how this expansion will enhance the export packaging industry.”


Blanchard Machinery:

Blanchard Machinery is investing $46 million in order to establish operations and create 30 jobs in Right to Work Calhoun County, South Carolina.

“South Carolina’s robust logistics network continues to grow, allowing businesses to transport their products efficiently throughout our state and around the world. Congratulations to our long-standing partner, Blanchard, on their new facility.” […]

“Calhoun County welcomes the Blanchard family and their team. We are truly grateful that a fourth generation family company with an established track record of success has chosen the Sandy Run Industrial Park in Calhoun County as their new operations campus! This investment will have a long-lasting impact as it brings increased opportunity through quality good paying jobs for our citizens.”


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