Foundation Op-Ed: ‘Biden’s Labor Board Wants to Trap Workers in Unions they Oppose’

In an op-ed for The Hill published on Labor Day (September 5, 2023) entitled “Biden’s labor board wants to trap workers in unions they oppose,” National Right to Work Foundation President Mark Mix highlighted the coercive pro-union boss  policies being pushed by Biden-majority National Labor Relations Board to the detriment of the rights of independent-minded workers:

A Gallup poll released last Labor Day spotlighted the issue: A strong majority of nonunion workers in the U.S. (58 percent) say they are “not interested at all” in joining a union, whereas just 11 percent say they are “extremely interested.”

Since it takes a majority of workers in a given workplace to support a union before monopoly union representation can be imposed, union organizers face a basic math problem — one that explains why only 6 percent of private-sector workers are unionized today.

Yet rather than consider ways of making unionization more attractive to rank-and-file workers, politically-connected union bosses have a different plan: Rig the rules to force more workers into their ranks, willing or not.

Mark Mix, The Hill

All contents from this article were originally published on the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation Website.

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