Gateway Tire and Ecore Choose Right to Work Alabama

Gateway Tire and Ecore International will both be making investments soon in the Right to Work state of Alabama. Gateway Tire will be expanding in Dothan, while Ecore is adding a new location in Ozark. Read on in order to learn more about what these investments will mean for the state’s economy!

Gateway Tire:

Gateway Tire is investing $9 million in order to expand in Right to Work Dothan, Alabama. This will create 30 new jobs as a result.

“The distribution/logistics sector is one of the foundational business targets in Alabama’s overarching strategic economic development effort. […] The Gateway Tire expansion project showcases how our team works to recruit new investment, as we did when the company selected Dothan back in 2017, and how we support their continued growth over the years.”


Ecore International:

Ecore International is investing $25.2 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Ozark, Alabama. This will also create 84 new jobs!

“Since its inception, Ecore has transformed over 2 billion pounds of rubber waste into surfaces that make people’s lives better. All Ecore manufacturing facilities are certified ‘Zero Waste,’ amplifying the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship. […] Ecore invests in more than its facilities, we invest in our people and in our communities because we believe that when our people and our communities prosper, we prosper.” […]

“Ecore is a champion of sustainability, with a primary goal of creating products that improve lives and the environment. […] Its new tire recycling and manufacturing facility in Dale County will help this impressive company extend its mission while also providing good-paying jobs for citizens there.”


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