Here are New Right to Work South Carolina Businesses

Companies are choosing Right to Work South Carolina over others, likely due to the great benefits that the Right to Work state provides. The most recent businesses investing in Right to Work South Carolina are Dash EV and Phenom Yachts, as well as Paxton Access. Read on so you can learn more about each company investment.

Dash EV:

Dash EV is planning to add headquarters in Right to Work Greenville, South Carolina. This will also create 10 new jobs.

“Dash EV is thrilled to be establishing our headquarters in South Carolina.” […]

“Dash EV’s innovative combination of electric vehicle technology and carsharing services is a unique concept, and we welcome this cutting-edge company to the Greenville County community. Dash EV is the type of company that underscores our vision at S.C. Commerce, which is to embrace the future to ensure South Carolina’s sustainable advantage.” […]

“We welcome Dash EV to our internationally recognized business community and celebrate the culture of innovation and sustainability they bring to Greenville County and our state. We take pride in being home to their new headquarters and helping advance the next-generation mobility solutions they are developing.”


Phenom Yachts:

Phenom Yachts is investing $12 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Summerville, South Carolina and create 149 new jobs.

“Now more than ever, families are looking for a boat that combines both luxury and performance with what they love to do on the water. This need in the boating industry turned into a vision, which became the Phenom Yachts brand. We set out to design a center console like nothing else that has ever been created, matched to an elevated customer journey experience. The support from South Carolina and Dorchester County is what has allowed us to bring our vision to life.” […]

“Sportsman Boats Manufacturing Inc. is another example of South Carolina-grown entrepreneurship. We congratulate this exciting company on establishing Phenom Yachts, LLC in Dorchester County and know they will accomplish great things in South Carolina and beyond.”


Paxton Access:

Paxton Access is investing $10 million in order to locate new US headquarters in Right to Work Greenville, South Carolina.

“Paxton Access’ new U.S. head office is being built to world-class standards. It reflects the scale of our ambition and belief in Greenville as a fantastic hub to attract talent and will service the needs of the North American market. We anticipate a rapid expansion of our technology manufacturing capability and delivery of associated services, generating jobs in the local community.” […]

“South Carolina’s tech industry is booming, and we are proud that companies like Paxton Access are on that roster. We appreciate the company’s $10 million investment in the Greenville community and know Paxton Access will accomplish great things in our state.” […]

“It’s always exciting to see an international organization choose to expand U.S. operations in Greenville County, as it proves that we have provided the pro-business environment, top talent and essential ingredients for them to flourish. We salute Paxton Access for this decision to expand operations here and wish them continued success.”


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