Companies are Choosing Right to Work South Carolina

Companies are choosing to invest in Right to Work North Carolina. This is no doubt due to its great economic atmosphere, thanks to its Right to Work policies. The most recent Right to Work South Carolina investments are coming from Responsive Industries and Boysen USA, as well as Nucor. Read on in order to find out more!

Responsive Industries:

Responsive Industries is investing $10 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Mauldin, South Carolina, creating 10 new jobs!

“Responsive Industries is proud to join the Greenville County community with our new distribution center. We have committed to holding inventory stateside to avoid interruptions in the ever-changing global supply, and our ultimate goal is to manufacture our floors right here in South Carolina. We’re excited for the future and the opportunities to grow and work with the great people in South Carolina.” […]

“Responsive Industries’ decision to locate in Greenville County signals yet another vote of confidence by an international company that South Carolina is the ideal place to conduct business. We applaud the company’s investment in the community and look forward to working with them for years to come.” […]

“It’s always gratifying to see a global company choose to locate U.S. operations in Greenville County, as it proves that our pro-business environment, available talent and optimal location can help it flourish here. Congratulations to Responsive Industries on their decision to place distribution and customer support services here. We look forward to helping them grow and thrive.”


Boysen USA:

Boysen USA is investing $4.5 million in order to establish operations in Right to Work Spartanburg, South Carolina. As a result, this will create 88 new jobs!

“Each and every one of us helps to achieve Boysen USA’s quality targets in the workplace, and this improves the economic efficiency and the competitiveness of our company. We intend to keep our pledge of performance and be the No. 1 in quality and engineering.” […]

“Congratulations to Boysen USA on its continued success in South Carolina. As a supplier to leading automotive manufacturers, the company’s growth serves as a reminder that South Carolina’s automotive industry continues to accelerate. We look forward to Boysen USA’s positive impact in Spartanburg County and beyond.” […]

“Economic development in Spartanburg County remains strong, and we’re excited to leverage that strength to welcome Boysen USA. Boysen USA joins a long line of world-class manufacturing companies with a presence in Spartanburg, and our county is happy to welcome them and to provide the resources they need to continue their growth.”



Nucor is investing $425 million in order to expand in Right to Work Berkeley County, South Carolina. This will create 50 new jobs too!

“We would like to thank the state of South Carolina, Berkeley County and Santee Cooper for their support on this project. We are excited to further expand the capabilities of Nucor Steel Berkeley to better serve our customers.” […]

“Once again, Nucor Corporation is proving that South Carolina has the resources for companies to continually grow and succeed within our borders. We value Nucor’s commitment to Berkeley County and the opportunities created throughout the state.”


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