Here are the Latest Businesses Locating to RTW Tennessee

Tennessee sees economic improvements as a result of its right to Work laws, and these businesses are proof of that. Three of the most recent investments are coming from ATC Drivetrain, Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation (USNC), and Alfresco Pasta Brand. Each one of these companies is adding a new locations soon within the state. These will mean million of dollars going directly into the economy, as well as many new jobs. So this is exciting news!

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ATC Drivetrain:

ATC Drivetrain is investing $8.3 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Knoxville, Tennessee. This will also create 218 new jobs!

“Our customers are the focus of all we do at ATC Drivetrain. This expansion is driven by increased demand from our customers, and the Knox County location is particularly well suited for our future plans as Tennessee, and the broader region, are home to a rapidly developing electrification ecosystem. We greatly appreciate the State of Tennessee’s support with this expansion.” […]

“With more than 920 automotive businesses across the state, Tennessee is a driving force in the southern automotive corridor. We appreciate ATC Drivetrain’s decision to invest and locate in Knoxville and thank Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs and the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce for their partnership in recruiting this company to Tennessee.” […]

“TVA and Knoxville Utilities Board congratulate ATC Drivetrain on its decision to locate operations in Knox County. Helping to attract and retain jobs and investment in the region is fundamental to TVA’s mission of service.”


Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation (USNC):

Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation (USNC) is investing $17 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Oak Ridge, Tennessee. This will also create 31 new jobs!

“Tennessee and the East Tennessee Technology Park provide a unique environment for an advanced nuclear innovator like USNC. Our proximity to key players in the nuclear energy complex, as well as the exceptionally skilled workforce in the area, are important contributing factors in the success of our Pilot Fuel Manufacturing facility.” […]

“Tennessee’s diverse landscape and business friendly climate attract an array of companies to the state. We are fortunate to have valuable assets like ORNL in East Tennessee that can provide resources in science and technology to companies like Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation. We appreciate the company’s investment in Roane County and look forward to seeing its future success.”


Alfresco Pasta Brand:

Alfresco Pasta Brand is investing $3.8 million in order to relocate to Right to Work Bells, Tennessee creating 58 new jobs!

“We appreciate the tremendous support we’ve gotten from TNECD and other groups within Crockett County, and we love the solid work force and strong shipping lanes for transportation that the area offers. Moving to our new location in Bells will enable Alfresco Pasta to increase our production capacity by over six times our current rate, helping us meet the growing demand for our high-end product line including with large national accounts. It also gives us the ability to expand our offering with innovative new products to keep up with the rising demand for fresh, healthy foods.” […]

“Alfresco Pasta’s decision to continue to do business in our state underscores Tennessee’s business friendly climate and highly skilled workforce. Tennessee provides companies with a number of advantages to help them grow and succeed. We believe Alfresco Pasta will find a welcoming home in the Bells community. We thank Chris and his team for their continued investment and job creation in Tennessee.”


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