Here are Two Right to Work Mississippi Opportunities

Two companies that are investing in Right to Work Mississippi are C&W Companies and Shloop. One of these is adding a new location, while the other is expanding. Read on in order to find out which one will be doing what and learn how it will positively impact the economy!

C&W Companies:

C&W Companies is investing $2.4 million in order to expand operations and create 32 new jobs in Right to Work Alcorn County, Mississippi.

“Job creation is our top priority, and we take pride in assisting C&W Embroidery as the company adds jobs in its community. This expansion will have a positive impact on the area’s economy as it will strengthen the local tax base, and these 32 new employees will give back to the local community by spending at the area’s restaurants, shops and more. Economic development wins such as this are truly instrumental in creating stronger, more vibrant communities.” […]

“C&W Embroidery’s expansion is yet another testament to Alcorn County’s commitment to existing, locally owned businesses. It was a privilege to work with the company on this great project, and I look forward to seeing many more years of continued growth.”



Shloop is investing $9 million in order to open a new facility in Right to Work Meridian, Mississippi. As a result, this will create 56 new jobs.

“Shloop is a sustainable footwear innovation and manufacturing company that will reduce the harmful environmental and societal impacts of footwear manufacturing. Through research, education and training of sustainable footwear production techniques and recycling options, we can stimulate the local economy through the creation of new career opportunities for artisans, designers, and technicians.” […]

“Shloop’s investment is a great indicator of our state’s support of innovative startups. MDA is glad to assist Shloop as it creates jobs in Lauderdale County, and we thank the company for helping encourage a culture of innovation that is efficient and effective across our state.” […]

“Meridian and Lauderdale County continue to benefit from having many locally owned existing industries. Shloop is another example of local industry leaders choosing again to invest in our community and to employ our citizens.”


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