Here’s Right to Work Arizona’s Hottest Business Investments

Right to Work Arizona, say hello to 1.22k new jobs! These new job opportunities come as a result of three investments from three great businesses. These are Meyer Burger, Leonardo Electronics, and Amazon. It’s no surprise why these companies want to invest here. After all, Arizona is one of the many states that provides economic benefits that forced-unionism states simply can’t compete with. But as you can see, the companies aren’t the only ones benefitting either. Read on to learn more!

Meyer Burger:

Meyer Burger Technology AG is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Goodyear, Arizona. This will create up to 500 new jobs!

“We are excited to welcome Meyer Burger’s sustainable manufacturing facility to Goodyear. […] As a national leader in solar power, we are grateful Meyer Burger has chosen to invest in Goodyear, creating hundreds of skilled jobs for residents. We look forward to supporting Meyer Burger as they become part of our thriving renewable energy and manufacturing industries.” […]

“By bringing advanced manufacturing sector jobs and the company’s North American headquarters to Greater Phoenix, Meyer Burger will create invaluable employment opportunities and environmental progress. […] We are excited to welcome a sustainability innovator to the market.”


Leonardo Electronics:

Leonardo Electronics is investing $100 million in order to expand in Right to Work Oro Valley, Arizona. This will create 170 new jobs!

“Leonardo has been an outstanding industry partner for over 20 years and we’re excited they are expanding their Tucson manufacturing operations. […] We are grateful Leonardo continues to invest in Arizona, creating high-quality jobs for residents and contributing to Southern Arizona’s robust aerospace and defense sector.” […]

“In addition to business attraction, economic development is about helping local companies like Leonardo expand. […] Success stories such as this have a tremendous ripple effect across the entire economy. Leonardo’s success is the entire region’s success.”



Amazon is expanding its tech hub in Right to Work Phoenix, Arizona. This will create 550 new jobs for the area as a result!

“Not only do Phoenix and Tempe have an incredible existing talent pipeline, but this is a place where people want to move to as well. […] We’ve experienced amazing growth over the last few years, creating jobs and economic opportunity for the wider community. We’ve already created more than 5,000 corporate and tech jobs in the Phoenix area and we are excited to continue investing here.” […]

“We are proud of Amazon’s continued investments in Arizona and the more than 32,000 jobs they support. […] The latest expansion of Amazon’s Tech Hub in Tempe reflects our highly skilled and growing workforce as well as our premier attractiveness for technology and innovation.”


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