Here’s the Latest on Right to Work Tennessee’s Economy

Tennessee is a Right to Work state, which means workers can’t be forced to pay up to a union. It also means businesses aren’t beholden to unions either. As a result, businesses find themselves attracted to Right to Work states such as Tennessee. This then creates new opportunities for workers as well. So it’s a win-win! Three of the most recent Tennessee investments are from Sinova Global, Nashville Box, and Anatolia Granite.

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Sinova Global:

Sinova Global is investing $150 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Tiptonville, Tennessee, creating 140 new jobs!

“Canadian companies have committed to invest more than $750 million in Tennessee over the last five years. We appreciate Sinova Global for choosing Lake County for this project, as it will make an enormous impact on our state’s most distressed county and those that live in the region. The company’s $150 million investment in Tiptonville will not only expand Sinova’s global footprint, but also enhance the business climate and economic status in Lake County.”


Nashville Box:

Nashville Box is investing $3.3 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Lebanon, Tennessee. This will also create 48 new jobs!

“The Nashville Box team is thrilled to put roots down in the Nashville area in Lebanon. Like most B2B manufacturing companies we thrive on the health of our given business environment. The healthy, fast-growing business climate that Governor Lee and Commissioner Rolfe are creating in Tennessee is a driver for Nashville Box to immediately thrive. This provides a secure and exciting start for our 48 plus team members and their families.” […]

“With companies investing more than $12 billion in our state since 2016, the manufacturing industry is essential to Tennessee. We are proud to partner with Nashville Box as the company locates its first manufacturing operations in Lebanon, which will serve as a driving force behind one of our largest sectors.” 


Anatolia Granite:

Anatolia Granite and Marble is investing $567,000 toward an expansion in Right to Work Baxter, Tennessee. This will also create 40 new jobs!

“We are excited to expand Anatolia Granite’s operations in Baxter and realize that this expansion would not be possible without the leadership at the state of Tennessee and locally in Baxter and Putnam County. We have found a great community in the Upper Cumberland and look forward to continued partnerships and our company’s future growth.” […]  

“TVA and Upper Cumberland Membership Corporation congratulate Anatolia Granite and Marble Corp on its decision to expand operations and create new job opportunities in Putnam County. Helping to foster new jobs and investment in the Valley region is fundamental to TVA’s mission of service.” 


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