Here’s What’s Happening in Right to Work Tennessee

Businesses are choosing to invest in Right to Work Tennessee. Some are adding new locations, such as Bottling Company International (BCI) and Safire Technology Group. Meanwhile, others like Pace Industries and Cardinal Glass are adding new Right to Work Tennessee locations. Read on in order to learn more!

Bottling Company International (BCI):

Bottling Company International (BCI) is investing $9.5 million in order to add a new facility and create 57 new jobs in Right to Work Morrison, Tennessee.

“We will provide high quality jobs in rural Tennessee, and we are grateful for the support of the City of Morrison, the State of Tennessee and TVA, for helping bring our project to fruition. This new facility will allow BCI to better serve its customer base and continue to grow our product offerings.” […]

“Tennessee’s business-friendly atmosphere and central location position our state to support companies across all industries. We are excited that BCI has chosen to locate manufacturing and distribution operations in Warren County and look forward to the future economic development opportunities that will result from this project.”


Pace Industries:

Pace Industries is investing $2.8 million in order to expand and create 49 new jobs in Right to Work Jackson, Tennessee.

“Pace Industries has always believed that the greatest asset a company has is its employees, and through this expansion, we hope to sustain permanent growth and the financial independence of our employees while raising the quality of life experienced in Jackson. Thank you to everyone that worked together to make this project a reality. We look forward to continuing our future here in West Tennessee.” […]

“Pace Industries could have chosen to expand at any one of its locations, but it’s a testament to our state’s skilled workforce and business-friendly atmosphere that this company chose Tennessee. Jackson and Madison County have a robust manufacturing industry that will be the ideal climate to support Pace Industries’ success.”


Safire Technology Group:

Safire Technology Group is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Knoxville, Tennessee.

“The Knoxville Chamber is committed to supporting innovative entrepreneurs that are creating high-wage, high-growth companies. […] This announcement directly aligns with the Chamber’s efforts to transition Knoxville’s economy. Safire Group is doing a great job of capitalizing on multiple regional assets, including ORNL and Spark Innovation Center. We are excited to see them attracting new talent from out-of-state and retaining local talent through internships.” […]

“The Spark Innovation Center focuses on helping our region’s most promising technology companies gain traction and grow in Tennessee. […] We are delighted that another cleantech company has decided to call the Research Park and Knoxville home as Safire Group works to commercialize ORNL technology.”


Cardinal Glass:

Cardinal Glass has been granted $1.5 million in order to expand it’s Right to Work Church Hill, Tennessee facility and create 75 new jobs!

“They have been making improvements down there,” Forrester said of Cardinal, which currently employs nearly 550 people at a plant Cardinal purchased in 2021 from AGC.

“They’re making glass and they’re doing a really good job, but they had a water situation so we are upgrading lines,” Forrester said.

A release from the EDA said the increased capacity will allow for the Cardinal expansion “while enabling other businesses to locate in a region transitioning from a traditional coal economy.” 


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