41 Responses to Hobbs Act Loophole Legitimizes Union Violence

  1. Michael McOsker says:

    Mr. Tracey,
    First, thanks for using a real name. I think you misunderstand my point, though. I was commenting on the dishonesty of the article. The article was writen to make the reader believe that “extortionate violence” had been exempted from prosecution. That’s simply not true and the writer probably knows it. The case to which he refers exempted the “violence” from prosecution under the Act – but didn’t exempt it from prosecution under the various state and local statutes. The writer wants the uninformed reader to become emotional about the LIE that union “goons” can assault and kill people and the nasty “government” says it’s OK. That’s a LIE. This site is a business lobby, friend. These people want you and me to make less money and have fewer rights so that the fat cats can keep more of the riches you and I produce. They’re not above LYING to everybody to get their way. Simple as that, Mr. Tracey.
    -Michael McOsker.
    PS: Did you notice the blatant threats to shoot and kill people like me made by some of the morons who posted below? Wow.