41 Responses to Hobbs Act Loophole Legitimizes Union Violence

  1. Michael McOsker says:

    Mr. Tracey,
    First, thanks for using a real name. I think you misunderstand my point, though. I was commenting on the dishonesty of the article. The article was writen to make the reader believe that “extortionate violence” had been exempted from prosecution. That’s simply not true and the writer probably knows it. The case to which he refers exempted the “violence” from prosecution under the Act – but didn’t exempt it from prosecution under the various state and local statutes. The writer wants the uninformed reader to become emotional about the LIE that union “goons” can assault and kill people and the nasty “government” says it’s OK. That’s a LIE. This site is a business lobby, friend. These people want you and me to make less money and have fewer rights so that the fat cats can keep more of the riches you and I produce. They’re not above LYING to everybody to get their way. Simple as that, Mr. Tracey.
    -Michael McOsker.
    PS: Did you notice the blatant threats to shoot and kill people like me made by some of the morons who posted below? Wow.

  2. Polly Walton says:

    When Jimmy Hoffa disappeared in the ’50’s,my father said that unfortunately that would’nt stop the unions! They would eventually destroy this country! How right he was. That means that at least from the ’50’s, it has been a thug producing organization. What would he say today? While it was a good idea initially—it almost makes the mafia appear childish today with it’s power plays. How sad to have our President align himself and his administration with white and blue collar gangsters! We need for this to stop Where do I sign?

  3. jack f says:

    In California, the public employee unions run our state. The public employee union pendulum is way off course and will ruin our country if we allow it to happen. Obama is in bed with these unions.



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  6. Everyone should have the right to work. Down with the unions.

  7. Ray Espinosa says:

    Stop these Communist goons. They got their way in Russia. Even today,all employees in the country have to join the union of the Communist Party in order to work.

    Americans should not have to join a union in order to work. I remember the union put Eastern Air Lines out of business.

    Also, in the 70’s my son worked for Big Apple Grocery after school & on Saturday and he had to quit rather than join the union.

  8. Randy L. Wolf says:

    I have been on both sides of the union fight. I understand that a lot of employer’s don’t give a hoot about their employees BUT I also understand that most employees equally don’t give a hoot about their employer. There should be some way of protecting BOTH parties. I definately DO NOT approve of the violent tactics used by unions to achieve their ends but neither do I approve of some of the tactics used by some employers to acheive their ends. We need to come up with a law that protects BOTH sides from violence.

  9. Stan McArthur says:

    Congressman Paul Broun (R-GA) introduced the Freedom From Union Violence Act (H.R. 4074), which would close this loophole in federal law
    Please support him by passing this.

  10. Patrick says:

    I’ve only held 1 union job in my life it was well in H.S, I worked for Dominick’s grocery store. That was a part time job they took $40.00 from every paycheck for union dues. Haven’t had union job since Probably never will. That is by my choice good or bad. We as a country need to stand up and quit being sheep people.Anyone is 18 or older needs to get out and vote regardless of party preference.

  11. dwin R. More says:

    All my working life as an Aerospace Engineer, my bosses and the companies that I worked for were totally responsible for my conduct and my work. In turn, I was personally responsible for my acts on behalf of my employers. That was a honest setup and why doesn’t it equally apply to unions and union management especially since union management supposedly works for it’s membership?

  12. Myriam Dinnell says:

    I believe in the protection of the rights of the workers and that’s what our laws are about. Union was started for that specific protection. However, today’s union is being used corruptly by those members and bosses alike to serve their ends which has become so politically motivated. Just the idea of that collective bargaining if it is used with honesty and fairness is good. On the flip side it is the same idea that can be used for manipulation and other forms of corruption which by the way, what is happening in our system today. Also in addition I am getting too tired of hearing about union workers who are getting too much entitlements compared to the private sectors’ workers. If we do not put a lid on these unsustainable entitlements, then we’ll be headed to the same path where Greece is now.

  13. Big Bill says:

    Folks, please sit down and take a couple of deep breaths. Now listen to this, these big tough union pinkies bleed the same as the victims who they cowardly gang attack some defenseless individual, yet they in turn bleed exactly as you and I. Now I can tell that some of you do not believe, so I will challenge you, with the ability to put the hurt on these union scumballs simple but a hole into one of these useless piles of poop and watch the blood come out …….. see, just the same as anyone else, well they do cry and want their mommies more often then men or ladies do… Around Shopping Centers, Strip Malls and other business’ you may see one or two union slugs standing out near the entrance to the parking lot. This would be a perfect opprotunity to practice your skills.

  14. James H. Storer says:

    One can only wonder how many jobs have moved overseas due to unions in the USA.

  15. john moore says:

    No group should be allowed in this country to use violent force or the threat thereof to achieve its goals. This applies to Labor unions, KKK, La Cosa Nostra, Democrat Party, Al Quida, or any other group. Only when we follow the path trod by Jesus Christ do we advace as a society, not by following the likes of hitler, obama and (Insert name of Union Boss).

  16. Daniel Berglund says:

    Unions are great, they empower the helpless, and give a voice to those of us that have less than a good use of “our” language.

    However, any Union thug and his boss, should, upon conviction, be subjected to the highest punishment that the law allow’s.
    These crimes, murder, mayhem, destruction of property, and anything that was used to terrorize a person or his or her family, should be a crime that is recognized as Treason. Just read the Constitution and the early writings of our Founding Fathers.

    Can we “execute” those of us that have for years hidden behind the law, while making life miserable for generations of people, whose only sin was the need to cloth, feed and house their family(s)?

  17. camdenme2 says:

    As a HOBBS , I say SCREW this Act and the Unions!!!

  18. BOB PERNELL says:

    where there is violance by union or mgt it must be investigated by local police where it ocurred. if found violence occured,arrest must be made an charges brought. we must take a stand for freedom to express our opinions without breaking the law.

  19. MPJ says:

    I have been on both sides. Have given many hours of my time trying keep my union respectable. Have walked picket lines. I have also been kicked and had my head beat against a concrete floor by a union thug because I insisted that the union should obey the labor laws of our country. I see no hope for them. They have way to much power. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

  20. richard anema says:

    I support overriding the emmons ammendment

  21. Jim Beam says:

    What I would truely like to see is a federal, preferably state law, which would require union dues to be paid directly to the union by it’s member, not automatically being withdrawn and forwarded to the union by the federal,state or local governments. It’s not the duty of any government to do the accounting for the union. Better yet, why not charge the union say $35/m for the service they are providing.

  22. frank gugino sr says:

    I have been on both sides,union and management.My beef with the unions are,that they tell the members what they do not have to do,but never what they shoud be doing to preserve their jobs. To paraphrase
    Samuel Gompers.” the unprofitable employer is the greatest danger to your jobs”

  23. Mark says:

    I worked both sides of the street at a Fortune 100 company. After 4 years Navy, got hired and took off-shift courses offered by the Company (Algebra, Geometry, etc so that I could pass the test to enter a 4 year apprenticeship consisting of 6 week assignments in the shop with daily classes which earned college credit. I had to be a Union Member because part of the time I was doing physical work. Some Union workers were good, but there were many that would give me a hard time because “I was making them look bad by working so hard”. I told them I was there to succeed and to do the best job in providing for my family. The phone would get “greased” and my sack lunch came up missing several times. Shortly after graduation, I went to “Corporate Boot Camp” to see if I had what it took to be a foreman and passed. After 8 Management promotions and a lot of hard work and long hours including many trips to foreign countries, I saved my money and am now retired and have enough to last the rest of my life. Staying in the union would have made that impossible to achieve. This same union now has been severely compromized as the Company figured out in the mid 90s that when there were labor strikes, our Management was experieced enough to work those jobs in the shop and made many improvements along the way. When the union came back to work, they were “retrained” so that they performed the job efficiently.

  24. Ron West says:

    I have been a member of 5 different unions during my 48 year work life and although not one was voluntary on my part, I have been a union steward, a union committee member in contract negotiations and a company committee member in a subsequent negotiation. I have been on both sides of a picket line during strikes. It could be said unions have had a big impact on my life starting when I lost my job of 13 years after the company could no longer put up with union demands and threats. It closed the doors on a 20 million dollar plant and moved the operation to a right to work state.
    As a supervisor, I was forced to lay off many of my most productive workers during downturns because of seniority provisions.
    Union thugs have slashed the tires on my vehicle, black balled my business when I refused to join their local, and taken thousands from me over the years in dues.
    The Obama regime and many before him have protected these unions because of their game-changing campaign contributions, or because they fear retribution.(It was one of the theories in the Kennedy assasinations). Union employees are less than 20% of the workforce yet they dictate who will govern this country. This must END in Nov. 2012!

  25. Support stop union violence!

  26. Robert E. Lee says:

    i can put a stop to the union thugs’ violence;; a hole in the forehead has never failed yet.

  27. Brian Tracey says:

    Michael McOsker’s post is simply wrong. I just pulled up the Enmons case and re-read it.
    As I doubt çitizens nationwide know what the Enmons loophole is, I doubt then that the “overwhelmingly support closing it. Thus I might agree with McOsker’s minor point.
    But, McOsker is blatantly wrong with respect to his major point, his first assertion. The Enmons case clearly exempted much if not any and all union acts of extortion, violence and sabotage from criminal charges under the Hobbes Act. Don’t take my word for it, read it yourself. I quote from the dissenting opinion in Enmons: “violence was used during the bargaining—five acts of violence involving the shooting and sabotage of the employer’s transformers and the blowing up of a company transformer substation. The violence was used to obtain higher wages and other benefits for union members. The acts literally fit the definition of extortion used in the Hobbs Act, 18 U.S.C. s 1951. The term ‘extortion’ means the use of violence to obtain ‘property’ from another. s 1951(b)(2). The crime is the use of ‘extortion’ in furtherance of a plan to do anything in violation of the section. s 1951(a).” Yet, pursuant to the majority opinion, those five acts were NOT illegal, in spite of clear language to the contrary in the applicable portion of the Hobbes Act.
    In short Michel McOsker is wrong.

  28. Penny Nelson says:

    No other organization or citized of this country could get by with ‘extortion’ ! Why should the Union Officers not be held accountable.
    I’m for ‘Right To Work’ & stand with Congressman Paul Broun & ABC on this matter. Definitely ‘not’ the High Court & the rediculous Hobbs Act!

  29. Ginny says:

    God Bless those of you who are working so hard to get our country back where it belongs and out of the hands of the Unions. The Unions are keeping jobs from being created by forcing companies to provide to much for the Union bosses. They are also causing to much havoc by causing all these needless demonstrations and violence. Enough is more than enough!

  30. Al Michaels says:

    All union’s should be abolished. They are not needed and all they do is take the union members money and pay off corrupt officials in government. California. No one has the right to commit violence.

  31. Bonnie says:

    Michael McOsker…Are you blind. What about WI and what the unions did there. Millions of dollars worth of damage caused by union members having a cry baby fit. Wise up, we are all becoming aware of their tactics and who is behind what they do.

  32. Pieter van der Heyden says:

    I am a union ex member And I am appalled with these coons I paid my union dues to . They come around in there big suv and tell us to go ahead to sabbatage as much as we can they give you a picket sign and a slap on the back and tell you are a good member . Try going to one of these union meetings the are a bunch of hoodlums and they say they are for the working men and women what a farce . They are your gofors but you see them not walking with a sign . they sit in starbucks drinking there coffee while you do all the dirty work .And these stupid working class idiots get the shaft from these son of bitches;All they are interested in is your dues

  33. Peggye Piccoli says:

    God bless all of you who are trying to get our Country back to the way our fore-fathers instilled in us.

  34. Jim says:

    McCosker is just another example of a a knuckle-dragging union goon that cannot think for himself, just regurgitating the 80 year old mantra that it’s the union way or the highway and at all means possible. Tell me, what is the difference between some mob goon demanding protection pay-offs and the unions forcing people to pay them to get a job by using threats and violence? No difference is the answer. Wake up people! It’s not 1933 and no one is running sweat shops. God knows there are enough regulations out there to prevent that kind of thing. McCosker, you and the rest of you neanderthals, it’s time to put your tire irons down, take your finger out of your nose, take a couple of steps back and take a look at how your union is using you people. Only a moron thinks violence is the answer. You want more pay, try educating yourself, or, God forbid, work hard and it on your own merits, instead of being one of the sheep and doing just enough to get by, because God only knows it’s impossible to fire any of slackers! You goons would have made perfect “brown shirts” for Hitler. Pick up a history book and look at the frightening similarities! I’ll wait for some more of your childish rhetoric and third grade explanations on the need for your “protection”/ union.

  35. JMJ says:

    Local unions (those that are controlled by the workers and not the thugs of the internationals, etc.) are needed in most cases, but, the criminals that control the internationals, AFL-CIO, Teamsters, etc. all belong in jail, along with Obama and his hired fiends in Congress, along with most of the so-called Democrats. We need our freedom back. The company owners need the right to get rid of useless “workers” and the good workers need the right for a fair wage as the Holy Bible tells us. Both my parents were very strong Democrats and union officials; my mother even started a union at one of her work places, and for all that they did, they both got burned by the internationals. Because I wanted a job in the local paper mill, I was forced to join the union and for many years, I kept trying to get my fellow workers to break from the international as they were only bleeding us to death and using our money for evil purposes, such as helping the grand hater of workers, Ted Kennedy, to stay in office, plus they support birth control, abortion and homosexual activities against our wishes. Thugs and frauds: all of them!!! +JMJ+

  36. RJB says:

    If your a democrat, a Valerie Jarrett idiot, Clinton (S) stirrer, Pelosi big mouth, Axelrod satin supporter, Gibbs dumb (F), Sebilius (claim to be Catholic), Murray (A) wipe, Wassermann Obama (A) licker, then certainly your always ready to cause trouble.

    Solution: Vote Republican, and once and for all do away with the democratic party and dingle berries like Obama that trample the Constitution of the United States of America!!!

  37. Lia says:

    Having been forced out of a job at GE because I REFUSED to join the union, do NOT tell me about these people. They are ruthless, self indulgent criminals!!! I was threatened with sexual assault and worse because I refused to join a union in a “right to work state”…The union bosses are thugs and criminals and should all be in jail!!!

  38. Richard Rosenburg says:

    Its dispecable the way the gov,close their eyes ,and kiss the back side of unions and encourage them to committ crimes against property and people. when this law come up for a vote and if your sen, or Rep. votes against it , thats the time to FIRE THEM at the polls.

    A Legal member of this great country to VOTE…………………

  39. Michael McOsker says:

    Your article is filled with lies from beginning to end. You begin by claiming that “extortionate violence” has been exempted from prosecution and you end with the claim that “citizens nationwide overwhelmingly support closing the Enmons loophole (sic)”. These are both lies and at least a few of you are smart enough to know that (we’ll give your pathetically underpaid junior staffers the benefit of the doubt). Most of what falls between these two whoppers are lies as well.
    BTW: Take a look at the other two posts below. Sad, really…don’t you agree?


    Violence should not be permitted at ANY time for ANY reason, and I will tell you this much… I KNOW HOW TO DEFEND MYSELF !!!!!

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