How Many Jobs are Coming to Right to Work Indiana?

Four businesses are investing in the state of Indiana, and along with these investments comes new job opportunities. These businesses include iA, Wunderkind, J. Knipper and Co, and Celigo.

iA and Wunderkind, as well as Celigo will all be investing in Indianapolis. iA will create 420 new jobs, Wunderkind will add 224 new jobs, and Celigo will welcome 150 new jobs.

J. Knipper and Co, on the other hand, will be expanding in Charlestown and creating 38 new jobs there.

Altogether, these four companies will create 832 new jobs. Read on so you can find out more about each individual investment!


“We [commit] to hiring a diverse, Indiana-based team with a focus on continuing development and innovation across our suite of pharmacy fulfillment solutions. […] Indiana provides iA with a great opportunity to find top talent across pharmacy, software development and engineering. Indianapolis allows us to be closer to our customers. [We] were also drawn to Indiana because of the strong Indiana economy and the tremendous support of the state of Indiana and city of Indianapolis. This is a great location for us to continue to grow and hire the top talent we need to expand iA’s commitment to being a partner to the pharmacy industry.”



“Wunderkind choosing Indiana for growth is a testament to our thriving tech ecosystem and strong talent pipeline. […] We’re thrilled to welcome them to Indiana and couldn’t be more grateful for their commitment to add more than 200 high-wage, career opportunities for Hoosiers.”


J. Knipper and Co:

“Indiana has a legacy of life sciences excellence with companies like Knipper continuing to grow in our state. […] Approximately 2,100 life sciences companies in Indiana employ 56,000 Hoosiers, and as a state, we’ll keep providing a top-ranked business environment so companies like Knipper have the confidence to invest in their Indiana operations and add high-quality career opportunities.”



“Like so many Bay Area companies, Celigo realized it needed a more sustainable location for growth. […] After looking at a number of other markets, Jan and the team picked Indy because they can be a real player here, not just a number, while benefiting from and contributing to a successful tech community. They will thrive here, and we look forward to their growth.”


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