How Much is Being Invested in Right to Work Tennessee?

Four businesses are soon to be investing in the state of Tennessee. These businesses include CGI, Franke Foodservice Systems, Modine Manufacturing, and Microvast.

CGI will be investing a total of $27 million in Knoxville, which will also create 300 new jobs. Meanwhile, Franke Foodservice Systems will be investing $1.3 million in Lincoln County and creating 56 new jobs! In addition, Modine Manufacturing will be investing $1.2 million in Lawrenceburg and creating 45 new jobs. And lastly, Microvast will be investing $220 million in Clarksville and creating 287 new jobs.

Altogether, that comes out to a total of $249.5 million in investments and 688 new jobs across the state. This shows how Right to Work states attract great businesses which then creates new economic opportunities for everyone. Read on to see what people are saying about these investments!


“Knoxville has developed a strong reputation in the technology sector and is a clear choice for CGI’s newest IT delivery center. Our state has experienced positive economic growth over the past several months. Now more than ever, the creation of high-quality jobs remains a priority for me as governor. I thank CGI for bringing new employment opportunities for residents in Knox County.”


Franke Foodservice Systems:

“We congratulate Franke on its fourth expansion at its Fayetteville location. This project is proof that we’ve created an environment where global companies, when faced with the decision of where to expand, choose to do so at their Tennessee operations. Franke provides quality solutions for the foodservice industry. We’re proud to be a place where manufacturing companies are guaranteed to find a highly-skilled workforce.”


Modine Manufacturing:

“Modine has created manufacturing jobs in Tennessee for over 30 years, and we’re pleased to welcome this expansion and creation of 45 new jobs. Modine’s decision to relocate facilities from other states to Tennessee is a testament to our reputation as a top choice for manufacturing.”



“The electric vehicle industry is thriving in Tennessee. We are the number one state in the Southeast for electric vehicle manufacturing, accounting for nearly 40 percent of electric vehicle jobs and investment. We appreciate Microvast for choosing Tennessee and for adding to the momentum of Tennessee’s electric vehicle evolution.”


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