Lego Makes $1 Billion Investment in Right to Work Virginia

The popularity of Legos has really taken off these past several years. Now, it seems that Legos are more than just a toy for kids – they’ve become a hobby for adults as well, and are even considered collectibles be many. As a result of this growth, the Lego company is looking to expand. And what better place to add a new Lego factory than Right to Work Virginia?

Lego will be adding a new factory soon in Right to Work Chesterfield County, Virginia. And this won’t be just any investment either. The company plans to invest a total of $1 billion toward this new facility. Along with this investment will come a multitude of benefits like 1,760 new jobs. As quoted in Washingtonian:

The company will be eligible for $56 million in performance grants as part of the commonwealth’s Major Employment and Investment program, plus $19 million in development assistance.

Lego will build a solar park as part of efforts to make sure the plant is carbon-neutral, its CEO, Niels B. Christiansen, said in a statement. Virginia’s central location on the East Coast was a big draw for the company, which like many is looking for ways to avoid supply-chain snags. The US is one of Lego’s biggest markets.


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