Major Investments Happening in Right to Work Virginia

Major investments are happening soon in Right to Work Virginia. These are coming from great companies such as Celadon, Phoenix Hardwoods, Starplast USA, and CoStar Group. Read on in order to find out how each investment will leave a positive impact on the area’s economy!


Celadon is investing $267 million toward a new location in Right to Work Chesapeake, Virginia, creating 210 new jobs.

“The Hampton Roads Alliance is thrilled to welcome Celadon to Chesapeake. […] Celadon’s plan to create jobs, invest in a state-of-the-art facility, and utilize the Port of Virginia is further proof that Hampton Roads is an ideal location for manufacturing, distribution, and the emerging green economy.”

“The importance of Celadon investing nearly $270 million to develop its operation in Chesapeake cannot be overstated–this is very clearly a win for Virginia and for The Port of Virginia. […] At full capacity, Celadon will produce a significant amount of material for export that will move over our port. This is an international company that has made a strategic decision to build here and access world markets via The Port of Virginia. Presently the port is investing to ensure it is ready for the future. We look forward to growing in tandem with Celadon and serving as its global gateway for decades to come.”


Phoenix Hardwoods:

Phoenix Hardwoods is expanding soon in Right to Work Floyd, Virginia. As a result, this will create 8 new jobs for people in the area.

“As a lifelong conservationist, I’m overwhelmed and elated to receive this AFID grant. […] This will allow Phoenix Hardwoods to expand and continue our work with Virginia’s sustainable natural and human resources, trees, and jobs.” […]

We’ve pushed to recruit large, global companies to Virginia, attracting more than $80 billion in new investment and 100,000 new jobs, but we get really excited about the small, family-run Virginia companies, like Phoenix Hardwoods.” […]

“As someone who grew-up in the Appalachian woodlands of Craig County, Virginia’s hardwood forests have always held a special place in my heart. I am thrilled that we are able to partner with a community like Floyd County to support a company like Phoenix Hardwoods as both appreciate Virginia’s hardwood resources as much as I do. […] As it is through a deep appreciation of our forests and the beautiful products that come from them, like those created by the artisans of Phoenix Hardwoods, that we are able to grow markets for Virginia’s forest landowners and support sustainable forest management and restoration of our forests.”


Starplast USA:

Starplast USA is investing $17.7 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Chesterfield, Virginia. This will create 300 new jobs!

“More than 400 advanced materials companies have chosen Virginia for its diverse ecosystem of suppliers, innovators, and customers and its business friendly climate, and we are excited to have Starplast USA join us here in the Commonwealth. […] Starplast has a strong history in developing quality plastics products, and we thank the company for creating 300 new jobs in Chesterfield County.” […]

“Greater Richmond welcomes Starplast to the region’s international business community of more than 220 facilities. […] The company’s facility in Chesterfield, and first in Virginia, will help Starplast reach 45% of the U.S. population within one-day’s delivery.” […]

“Starplast USA is another example of Virginia’s growing manufacturing base that is taking advantage of The Port of Virginia’s global reach. […] We are preparing to further expand our capacity and are deepening our channels and these investments, combined with others to come, will ensure companies like Starplast USA can always move their cargo across our terminals safely, reliably, and with confidence. We are looking forward to a long and collaborative partnership with Starplast USA.”


CoStar Group:

CoStar Group is investing a total of $460 million in order to expand in Right to Work Richmond, Virginia. This will also create 200 new jobs!

“Richmond is a growing community with access to a deep pool of diverse, highly-skilled workers, a vibrant culture of innovation and a wonderful quality of life for our existing and future employees. […] The strong partnerships we have established with the Commonwealth of Virginia, the City of Richmond, and institutions of higher education such as VCU, will be critical for our continued growth. Virginia, Richmond, and Costar Group all have bright futures ahead, and we are excited to grow together.” […]

“Richmond has become a technology hub with a diverse tech workforce, and CoStar Group’s continued expansion demonstrates how a region’s infrastructure and talent powers the growth and success of businesses. […] We thank the company for creating 2,000 high-quality jobs and look forward to continuing our long-term partnership with CoStar.” […]

“Since locating its research headquarters in Richmond five years ago, CoStar has found the right type of experienced, diverse IT talent the companies of tomorrow are looking for. […] We’re thrilled CoStar is continuing to invest in Greater Richmond.”


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