More Missouri House Passing Right to Work News

missouri-right-to-work-licenseFrom the Washington Free Beacon:

Missouri passed right to work the same day that the New Hampshire Senate approved the measure and just two weeks after Kentucky adopted it. If the measure survives, they will become the 28th and 29th states that bar coercive unionism.

The National Right to Work Foundation has focused on Missouri in recent years, as it is one of the few states in the region to lack such protection. Foundation president Mark Mix said that the House vote is a promising start to “free thousands of Missouri workers.”

“The House’s support and passage of the Missouri Right to Work Bill is an important step in the hard-fought battle to end compulsory unionism in the Show-Me State and make Missouri America’s next right to work state,” he said in a statement. “A Missouri right to work law would free thousands of Missouri workers who have been forced to pay tribute to a union boss just for the privilege of getting and keeping a job so they can provide for their families. The law would also provide a much needed economic boost for Missouri.”