Move Over Occupy Wall Street, SEIU's 99% Spring is taking over

The beginning of (forced-dues financed) SEIU Propaganda Minister Scott Courtney’s e-mail is pictured above.  He proclaims that it is “a chance for all of us to come together to create a new future for our country.” Not much of a claim since there is no “old future” for any country.  SEIU’s rhetoric is as incendiary as it is nonsensical, and all-the-while illustrating that SEIU considers itself a political party and not a mere labor union.

Perhaps it is time for the IRS to evaluate SEIU’s political spending and see it has been paying ts “fair share” of taxes.  With many college students with out jobs and the money to pay for gas in this Obama Economy, maybe SEIU will attract a few soldiers for its war on workers and their rights to have Right to Work freedom.

What is SEIU teaching at its indoctrination camps? “This week, we’ll learn to tell the story of our economy and what went wrong.”

Will SEIU teach that under the two SEIU supported Democrat congresses our economy imploded?  That SEIU backed President Barack Obama, Senate Leader Harry Reid, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi piled more debt on college students and kindergarteners than ever in the history of America while simultaneous destroying the economic engine?

Will SEIU teach about its involvement, as well as, the AFL-CIO’s and ACORN’s involvement in the housing crisis?  You know the answer; it is NO.  But, if you don’t have the facts on your side, the next best thing is propaganda or as SEIU calls it: The 99% Spring.

More from the SEIU’s 99% Spring e-mail:

Last year, from the Wisconsin workers who took over their state capitol to Occupy Wall Street, we saw a new movement in America using direct action to highlight the unprecedented inequality that’s destroying our country.

The 99% Spring is our chance to maintain and broaden that changemaking [sic] energy, and learn how we can take action to challenge corporate power, end tax giveaways to the 1%, fight the influence of money in politics, and create an economy that works for all of us.

This week, we’ll run more than 900 trainings in union halls, living rooms, places of worship [does this impact tax status?], community centers and parks.