National Right to Work Emphasizes Worker Freedom Over Coercion This Labor Day 2023

Labor Day 2023: National Right to Work Foundation and Committee President Mark Mix Shares a Special Message This Labor Day, 2023

Mr. Mix emphasizes the importance of protecting every American workers’ right to decide for themselves whether to associate with a union, especially in light of many recent attempts by actors at the highest levels of government to coerce union support among workers:

“As another Labor Day is upon us, it’s time once again to celebrate America’s workers. The determination and commitment of America’s working men and women have been clearer than ever in the last few turbulent years in this country, and they deserve an equally strong commitment from our elected leaders to protect their Right to Work.  

“Every American worker should have the freedom to choose for him or herself whether or not to join or pay dues to a union. But in Washington, D.C., and across the country, Big Labor’s political allies are dead-set not only on destroying Right to Work protections across the country, but also on granting union officials sweeping new powers to force workers under union monopoly control.

“Despite numerous examples of workers pushing back against high-profile and politicized union campaigns around the country, the Biden Administration’s National Labor Relations Board has just recently tossed out over half a century of precedent to mandate the coercive Card Check process that lets union bosses seize power in a workplace without even a vote among rank-and-file workers. Meanwhile, legislation is also being pushed in Congress to eliminate all state Right to Work protections, and force millions more workers across the country to pay tribute to union bosses just to get or keep a job.

“But workers don’t want a future determined by Big Labor’s government-granted coercive powers. The number of employees in Right to Work states continues to expand at a far faster rate than states that grant union bosses forced-dues power. Workers and economic opportunities are flocking to places where workers’ freedoms are respected.

“On every Labor Day, but especially this one, we must all remember that truly standing up for workers means safeguarding their rights and trusting individual employees to make their own choices regarding unionization – not buying into union bosses’ propaganda that their one-size-fits-all agenda is best for workers. Opposing Big Labor and its powerful allies as they seek to impose this agenda is not an easy task, but it is one we should all rise to as we celebrate America’s workers today.”

Mark Mix, National Right to Work Foundation and Committee President

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