NLRB creating “Roach Motel” states, forcing buiness to Right to Work states

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During Thursday’s House Education & Workforce hearing, U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) described the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) actions as creating a hostile environment for business. Wilson claimed that the pro-Big Labor Obama NLRB created an unintended consequence for Big Labor.

Rep. Wilson said that Obama’s NLRB’s actions have turned the 28 force-unionism states into “Roach Motels” that will trap employers with the help of the NLRB, and prevent them from ever leaving or expanding outside these states’ borders.

Wilson said that the NLRB actions translate into only one option for employers if they are going to locate in the United States, and that is to build and locate in at least one of the 22 Right to Work states.

Wilson emphatically said, “In fact, you must locate in a Right to Work state.”

Congressman Wilson’s “Roach Motel” warning should give states considering Right to Work freedom another reason to pass the legislation sooner rather than later.