NM Senator has a Private Sector Right to Work Bill


From KRQE News 13:

Republican State Sen. Sander Rue is proposing the bill which would bar unions from forcing workers to join as a condition of employment. Similar laws have been passed amid massive protests in the last few years including in Wisconsin in 2011 and Michigan in 2012. Rue hopes New Mexico is the next state to follow suit.

“An individual that wants to work, that wants to support their family, their employment shouldn’t be a condition of union membership or the payment of union dues,” said Rue.

The senator’s bill for the upcoming session would ban all private sector companies from forcing employees to sign up for a union as a condition of their job. Rue says economic development pros tell him not having this policy in place has cost the state jobs.

“They will tell you that the Right to Work component is one of the top items on their list to check off,” said Rue.

The proposed bill wouldn’t affect public employees like teachers, cops and firefighters, however, the bill would affect other businesses like the state’s 14,000 workers in the television and film industry, who are all unionized.