Omnis Chooses Right to Work West Virginia for Investment

Omnis Building Technologies is making a major investment soon in Right to Work Bluefield, West Virginia. In fact, they’re planning to invest a total of $40 million toward the project. As a result, this will create 150 to 300 new jobs for the area. So this is exciting news!

In West Virginia Metro News, Omnis President Jonathan Hodson shares his experience:

“We found West Virginia was very centrally located to more than 40 percent of the U.S. population with very easy transport from coast to coast by rail or truck. Strategically from our company’s perspective it’s an ideal location.” […]

“We got enormous support from everybody from the Bluefield Economic Development Authority right up to the governor’s office. They’ve been enormously helpful to pave the way. It’s been a very positive experience for me and for the company to be a part of that.” […]

“We’re very concerned about getting people back to work, so we’ve had a strong focus on second chance hiring, working out of the local universities, and high school programs getting certified for the starting positions at our facility and then working their way up inside our manufacturing office.”

Omnis’ Jonathan Hodson, as quoted by West Virginia Metro News

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