Right to Work Alabama a Sweet Home for Businesses

Right to Work Alabama is home to a number of spectacular businesses that are great for the economy. And businesses continue to find their way to this incredible state. Some of the most recent Alabama investments are coming from Niagara Bottling and BELLA+CANVAS, as well as Lake Homes Realty and Evonik. Altogether, these four businesses will invest a total of $301.4 million toward the economy. So this is exciting news!

Read on to learn more about each investment.

Niagara Bottling:

Niagara Bottling is investing $112 million toward a new facility in Right to Work Opelika, Alabama. This will also create 50 new jobs!

“We value the highly competitive and attractive combination of location, infrastructure, logistics and workforce in Opelika. […] Niagara has built a strong team and community relationships throughout the United States and looks forward to maintaining our leadership in the areas of manufacturing, innovation, supply chain and overall environmental stewardship.” […]

“The top-level priorities of Alabama’s economic development team are creating meaningful job opportunities for citizens around the state and bringing in new investment to invigorate communities. […] We look forward to seeing Niagara Bottling grow and thrive in Opelika because that perfectly aligns with our strategic economic development objectives.”



BELLA+CANVAS is investing $11.9 million toward a new facility in Right to Work Wetumpka, Alabama, creating over 550 new jobs!

“The decision by BELLA+CANVAS to locate its high-tech cutting facility in Wetumpka is welcome news for Elmore County and for Alabama. […] Not only will the company’s growth project spark the creation of a significant number of jobs, but it also underscores how Alabama is ready and eager to play a role in America’s manufacturing renaissance.” […]

“Alabama’s manufacturing sector provides an ideal home for technologically advanced operations like the one planned by BELLA+CANVAS in Wetumpka.”


Lake Homes Realty:

Lake Homes Realty is creating 400 new jobs in Right to Work Hoover, Alabama as a result of a $1 million investment toward new headquarters.

“500 Corporate Parkway met our current business needs while having plenty of room for future growth,” said Glenn S. Phillips, CEO of Lake Homes Realty. […]

“The recent commitment of Lake Homes Reality and RealSource to permanently anchor their national headquarters in Alabama is another testament to the strong business environment we all strive to create. […] We are proud that Lake Homes Realty and RealSource share in our vision that Alabama is a great place for an innovative businesses to start, grow and thrive.”



Evonik is investing $176.5 million in order to expand its current facility in Right to Work Mobile County, Alabama.

“I’m confident that this investment will become a building block for even more future growth for Evonik in our state.” […]

“Evonik is another example of a company that sees value in the local workforce. […] Evonik has been a great corporate citizen since the 1970s. This expansion ensures their site in Theodore will remain competitive for years to come.”


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