Right to Work Alabama Supports Economic Growth

Two companies are investing in Right to Work Alabama, but their plans vary. Special Aerospace Services (SAS) is planning to add a new location soon in Huntsville. This shows us how this incredible state is always grabbing the attention of other great businesses. Meanwhile, Humminbird is expanding its current location in Barbour County. This is a great example of how Right to Work states like Alabama are ideal locations for business growth and expansion. 

Special Aerospace Services (SAS):

Special Aerospace Services (SAS) is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Huntsville, Alabama. This will create 30 new jobs!

“We are having a very different and positive experience as a small business in Alabama. […] The community is pro-business, moving at the speed of industry and finding every opportunity to support SAS in our exciting expansion. When you have a governor and a legislature that work every day to encourage new and innovative businesses to open their doors and expand into the state, it’s good for everyone.” […]

“Alabama is committed to having a business climate that affords underrepresented businesses a reason to locate here and thrive here. […] An innovative small business like SAS will not only bring vitality to our business community but also provide a boost for our efforts to elevate STEM education and careers.”



Humminbird is expanding soon in Right to Work Barbour County, Alabama. This will then create 75 new jobs for people in the area.

“Humminbird has grown significantly over the last six years and we expect it to continue to grow. […] To increase our capacity to meet future demand, we are investing in growing our workforce and continuing to expand our facilities.” […]

“It’s always significant when a company that makes first-class products like Humminbird chooses to expand its Alabama operations because that shows real confidence in the workforce and in the operation’s future success. […] This growth represents an exciting new chapter for Humminbird in Eufaula.” […]

“Humminbird and Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc. have been a great partner in Eufaula for over 50 years. They are pioneers in the fishing electronics industry and continue to set a very high bar for the industry today.” 


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