Right to Work Georgia Attracts Business and Welcomes 600 New Jobs

In Georgia, many businesses are preparing so they can call this state their new home. In fact, we have three businesses that recently announced their plans to invest. These include Dongwon Tech Corp and MasterBrand Cabinets, as well as TEKLAS. These will go to Hall County, Butts County, and Calhoun, Georgia, respectively. So they’ll be spread out all across the state. Meanwhile, Medine is expanding its current location in Lithia Springs. Altogether, these companies will create 600 new jobs for the entire state. So this will be great

Read on to find out more about each investment!

Dongwon Tech Corp:

“It’s a pleasure to welcome Dongwon Tech Corporation to Georgia. […] As the No. 1 State for Business eight years in a row, Georgia’s international relationships, leading workforce, and strength […] continue to attract businesses from halfway around the world to locate here. We’re grateful for Dongwon Tech’s investment in the Peach State[. M] moving forward, we will continue to work with these innovative companies to bring jobs and opportunities to hardworking Georgians and their families in every corner of the state.”



“In order to provide whole-person care to everyone who trusts us for their health care needs, it is crucial that our more than 80,000 team members have access to critical PPE at all times. […] This expansion marks an important step in domestic manufacturing within the healthcare supply chain to ensure future resiliency and improves our ability to keep our providers, team members and patients safe.” 


MasterBrand Cabinets:

“MasterBrand’s investment in Georgia is a testament to the state’s unmatched logistics infrastructure, pro-business climate, and top-notch workforce. […] I look forward to seeing the new jobs and opportunities MasterBrand’s Southeastern U.S. hub creates[.]”



“It’s a pleasure to welcome TEKLAS to the Peach State. […] I’m confident that our highly skilled workforce, top-notch logistics network, and pro-business environment will make TEKLAS very pleased with their decision to join Georgia’s growing electric vehicle parts industry. [W]e’re grateful for the opportunities this will bring to hardworking Georgians and their families in the region.”


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