Right to Work Georgia Citizens to See Increased Job Opportunities

Check out these businesses that will soon be investing in the state of Georgia. VT Industries is expanding in Floyd County while Wincore Windows is expanding in Emanuel County. Meanwhile, Kainos is adding a new facility in Fulton County. Altogether, these businesses will be investing $30.2 million in the state. They will also be creating 279 new jobs overall.

Read on in order to find out more about each company’s investment!

VT Industries:

“The decision by VT Industries to expand in Georgia is a testament to the pro-business environment, unmatched workforce, and robust logistics infrastructure that have made us the No. 1 State for Business for eight consecutive years. […] I want to thank VT Industries for their commitment to innovation and creating opportunities for hardworking Georgians in Floyd County.”


Wincore Window Company:

“As Wincore expands their operations in Swainsboro, I know the opportunities created by this fantastic project will be welcome news for hardworking Georgians in Emanuel County and the surrounding region.” […]

 “Currently employing 171 Georgians, the additional 100 new jobs will make them the fourth-largest employer in Emanuel County. Wincore’s manufacturing process is a great fit for our area’s entry-level worker, as well as the available skilled workforce in our community looking for career opportunities at home.”



“More and more tech companies are learning why Georgia has so consistently been named the No. 1 State for Business. Our highly educated pipeline of talent and overall business friendly environment continue to attract smart investments[. I]t’s a pleasure to welcome Kainos to our growing list of companies with headquarters or other operations in our state. […] I look forward to seeing the jobs and opportunities Kainos creates for hardworking Georgians in Fulton County.”


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