Right to Work Georgia Sees Growth from Heliox and Others

Businesses are moving to Right to Work Georgia. And businesses that are already here are finding themselves ready for expansion! In fact, there four companies that are investing in some way in Georgia’s economy. These include FanDuel Group, Domtar Corporation, Heliox, and Wittek Industries. FanDuel and Heliox are both adding new locations, with Heliox actually locating North American headquarters here. Meanwhile, Domtar and Wittek are both expanding in the state.

Altogether, these businesses will create a total of 1,095 new jobs across the state. Read on to learn more about each investment!


FanDuel Group is investing $15 million in order to open a new location in Right to Work Atlanta, Georgia. This will create 900 new jobs!

“Georgia has emerged as one of the most preeminent and diverse tech hubs in the nation, with a college and university system that works closely with the business community to ensure mutual success. I’m confident FanDuel will be very [happy] with their decision to open their new tech campus in Atlanta. […] I extend my thanks to FanDuel for their significant commitment to creating high-paying jobs in Georgia.” […]

“We are [glad] to have FanDuel’s new technology operations in Atlanta.”


Domtar Corporation:

Domtar Corporation is investing $60 million in order to expand in Right to Work Jesup, Georgia. This will also create 75 new jobs in Wayne County!

“Domtar is pleased to partner with the State of Georgia to expand our facility.” […]

“At Georgia Ports, we’re happy to support the export of Georgia-made products and the jobs those exports mean for communities across the state. […] The Domtar expansion will bring the number of Wayne County jobs that rely on port activity to nearly 2,200 full- and part-time positions.” […]

“This expansion is great news for Domtar and Wayne County. It’s the largest local industry expansion in several years and will provide a financial boost for Wayne County’s economy.”



Heliox is establishing North American headquarters soon in Right to Work Atlanta, Georgia. This will create 70 new jobs as well!

“Atlanta is the perfect launch pad for our North American operations. Locating both the headquarters and the research and development training facility in Atlanta, we will be close to our customers to offer the highest level of support and service. In addition, the local talent available in the city and universities will fuel our rapid growth. […] It is an exciting time for the electric vehicle market, and we are excited to grow our technology in the U.S.” […]

“Metro Atlanta is rapidly becoming a global hub for the EV industry with a wealth of innovative engineering talent. MAC stands ready to work with our partners to support the continued growth of companies like Heliox.”


Wittek Industries:

Wittek Industries is investing $1.5 million toward an expansion in Right to Work Lyons, Georgia, which will create 50 new jobs here!

“We are extremely excited about our expansion in Lyons. Not only does it allow us to provide jobs to the hardworking people in Georgia, but it will help Wittek Industries elevate to the next level. […] We want to continue our growth and we know that the possibilities are endless with the brand new facility and equipment.” […]

“Demand for outdoor recreational sports and activities has increased dramatically this year. We have continued to see that translate into quality advanced manufacturing jobs for Georgians. […] I extend my sincere thanks to Wittek Industries for their continued investment in Toombs County, and for their long-term commitment to the community. Additionally, I appreciate our local economic development partners in Lyons and Toombs County for their leadership on the project.”


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